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Thread: arrogance or?

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    arrogance or?

    Just was reading up on islam & came upon these little interesting letters, 3 questions:

    1) did Mohammad really believe that these terse messages would change people’s hearts?
    2) If you were prez of the U.S or U.K. & you got one of these letters addressed to you, what would you do?
    3) is this arrogance or supreme confidence?

    Read these & decide

    In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate
    From Muhammad, God's Messenger, to Khusrow, the King of Persia. Greetings to the followers of the right path, to those obedient to God and His Prophet, to those who bear witness to God's Oneness, who worship the One God, and who bear witness to the prophecy of God's servant, Muhammad.
    Truly I call upon you to obey God's command and convert to Islam. I am God's Messenger to all the people so that living hearts will be awakened and illuminated and so that infidels will have no excuses. Submit to Islam so you will be safe and immune, and if you disobey me and turn down my invitation, you will be blamed for the sins of the magi.
    In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate
    ...I call upon you to submit to Islam. If you become a Muslim, you will share the Muslims gains and their losses, and if you do not want to become a Muslim yourself, then let your people freely convert to Islam or pay the poll tax, paid in lieu of conversion to Islam, and do not restrict them in choosing their faith.
    The letters of the Holy Prophet of Islam were not exclusively written to Kings. Rather, he sent letters to various nations and to the followers of other faiths so all would be informed of the rising of the Sun of Islam.
    In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate
    This is a letter from God's Messenger, Muhammad to Hawzah. Greetings to the one who follows the path of salvation and the instructions of the divine guides.
    You, the ruler of Yamamah, note that my faith will advance to the farthest place where man can go, so submit to Islam to be immune.
    Those letters were to the following rulers
    Muhammad's letters to the Heads of State
    After the truce signed by the Hudaybiyya, Muhammad is said to have sent letters to many rulers of the world, asking them to convert to Islam. [68] [69][70] Hence he sent messengers (with letters) to Heraclius of the Byzantine Empire (the eastern Roman Empire), Chosroes of Persia, the chief of Yemen and to some others. [68] [69]
    68) ^ a b Lings, Martin (1994). Muhammad: His Life based on the earliest sources. Suhail Academy Lahore, 260.
    69) ^ a b Khan, Dr. Majid Ali (1998). Muhammad The Final Messenger. Islamic Book Service, New Delhi, 110002 (India), 250-251. ISBN 81-85738-25-4.
    70) ^ Haykal, Muhammad Husayn (1993). The Life of Muhammad (Translated from the 8th Edition By Ism'il Ragi A. Al Faruqi). Islami Book Trust, Kula Lumpur, 360.
    Khosrau II is also remembered to be one of the powerful kings of the Persian Empire to whom prophet Mohammed had sent messengers to preach the religion of Islam, like he sent messengers to other emperors near the Arabian Peninsula. However, Khosrau II is said to have torn prophet Mohammed's letter preaching Islam to him, and insulting the messenger and the teachings of Islam. It is narrated by some Islamic traditions that his disrespect of various religions, was one of the reasons for the kings' downfall.
    Heraclian dynasty (610-695)
    24. Heraclius (Ηράκλειος) (575 - 641, ruled 610 - 641) – usurper; son of the Armenian Exarch of Africa; defeated Chosroes II in final Sassanid-Byzantine War; lost Palestine and Egypt to Arab Expansion
    Sorry couldn’t find anything on Hawzah, poor guy, he disappeared from history as a footnote, unless you believe this

    The face of the Ruler of Yamamah showed that the words of the envoy had made a good impression on him. He asked for time to ponder over the prophethood of the Prophet. By chance one of the Archbishops of Rome happened to arrive in Yamamah at that time and the Ruler of Yamamah placed the matter before him. The bishop said: "Why did you abstain from acknowledging him?" He replied: "I fear for my kingdom and my authority". The bishop said: "It is proper for you to follow him. He is the same Arabian Prophet whose appearance has been foretold by Jesus and it is written in the Evangel that Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah".
    Want to bet that no Christian bishop would have said that?

    The advice tendered by the bishop encouraged the ruler. He called the envoy to deliver a letter from him to the Prophet. The letter reads as follows:
    "You have invited me to the best religion. I am the poet orator and spokesman of my community and enjoy a position amongst the Arabs which is recognized by all. I am prepared to follow your religion subject to the condition that you allow me to share some high religious status".

    He did not content himself with this only. He sent a delegation to Madina headed by Muja'ah bin Murarah so that they might convey his message to the Prophet and tell him that if this religious distinction was to devolve upon him after the Prophet's death he was prepared to embrace Islam and to assist him but otherwise he would wage war. Members of this delegation presented themselves before the Prophet and embraced Islam without any preconditions. As regards the Ruler of Yamamah the Prophet said in reply to his message: "If his faith is conditional he is not fit for rulership and succession and Allah will protect me from his mischief ".[1]
    [1] Tarikh-i Kamil vol. II page 83; Tabaqat-i Kubra vol. I page 262.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildBlueYonder View Post
    1) did Mohammad really believe that these terse messages would change people’s hearts?
    No. He wasn't trying to change the minds of the recipients. He was creating a reason to be offended as necessary pretense for engaging in plausibly deniable mayhem.
    Quote Originally Posted by WildBlueYonder View Post
    2) If you were prez of the U.S or U.K. & you got one of these letters addressed to you, what would you do?
    Put the Football to use.
    Quote Originally Posted by WildBlueYonder View Post
    3) is this arrogance or supreme confidence?
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