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Thread: World Religious Leaders: Self Serving Charlatans

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    World Religious Leaders: Self Serving Charlatans

    If these people had any decency or regard for the wellbeing and development of humanity, they would get together, then issue a statement admitting that their various religions (ie christianity, islam, judaism, hinduism etc) are HOAXES (which they very well know) and have no validity in the modern world.

    Primitives invented religions to describe natural phenomena which they didn't understand, then used it to dominate and control the masses. Through science, we now have a much better understanding of these various phenomena than any fairytales of religious dogma has offered or can ever hope to offer.

    Of course there is little likelyhood of this ever happening....those parasites would be out of a job.....

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    Don't listen to this priest my children, my friends. Follow Avatarism and thee shall meet life everlasting. BTW, keep killing those Tetra followers. and don't mind those funny Godlessnesists.

    Sorry, this is an old joke here. myght want to check out to understand

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    Master of Illusion, actually most of these religious leaders believe in their religion to the fullest. They are just as misguided as the robots in the audience.

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    Originally posted by Avatar
    Follow Avatarism and thee shall meet life everlasting
    Naw... forget Avatarism. Be like The Fish and commend your life to Frisbeetarianism. Live life as you choose... when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck.



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