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Thread: The Picture Thread Mark IV

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    over here is crap guitar and crap player

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    Save the whales motherfucker sargentlard's Avatar
    Change the strings, have the trussrod adjusted, polish the fretboard, change the nuts, and apply a wood finish to the body and practice 5-6 hrs a day.

    Good player, good guitar.

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    i've been meaning to give this poor guitar some attention, but the job transition has made me a little (very) worried about other stuff...i have better guitars to play too and i'm saving up to buy a really nice one... and ill get serious about playing too, i'm thinking about classic guitar classes

    meh, after the world cup

    GO BRASIL!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varda
    you single?

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    you're not

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    Varda is beginning to make me have an interest in soccer.. err football.

    - N

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    Quote Originally Posted by draqon
    Okay, fork it over.

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    two nights ago i heard my dog scream very loud... i went to the kitchen and holy shit! there was blood everywhere...
    she went CCAIINNNN and squirted out a puppy, and she had no idea of what the hell was going on, so she ran all over the kitchen!
    i lied her down and put the puppy next to her head so she'd figure out she was supposed to lick it and eat the cord... when i did that she suddenly became aware that she was a mother
    she had just 2 puppies. for a dog who seemed to have no maternal instict whatsoever, she's doing pretty well... she wont even get up to eat!
    look how cute:

    haha, they look like rats... so cute though

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    haha, the newspaper says "congratulations mother, you deserve it"

    the father is keeping a close watch. he thought the whole thing last night was very exciting. he is very curious about the puppies

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    they're sleeping now

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    Save the whales motherfucker sargentlard's Avatar
    Thats cuteness overload man.

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    Awwww, how cute.

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    Hehe, I love when my dogs curl up on each other like the last pic. Yes, very cute. Weird that your dog didn't even realize she was preggo. I assume you knew, ya?

    - N

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    Registered Senior Member vslayer's Avatar

    as you can see my phone has a shitty camera

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    Quote Originally Posted by sargentlard
    Thats cuteness overload man.
    That's not cuteness overload, man.


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    Registered Senior Abuser thedevilsreject's Avatar
    no stop it now please!!!

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    Registered Senior Member makeshift's Avatar

    Damn... I'd like to dirty her gene pool.

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    smoking revolver
    Last night/today:

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    smoking revolver

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