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Thread: Pantera's forgotten hair metal history

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    nothing human inside

    Pantera's forgotten hair metal history

    After "Cowboys From Hell," Pantera did their best to hide the record of their three earlier self-produced hair metal albums, on which they pranced around in lipstick, hairspray, latex and (frequently) women's clothing including underwear. Most people in Dallas thought they were completely retarded for this behavior. After hearing some Exhorder, and Prong, and Metallica, new frontman Phil Anselmo -- who admits he is bisexual and uses heroin regularly -- updated the Pantera sound to be rougher and, in keeping with that image, they had to ditch the hairnets and facial cream. However, you can still hear overtones of their forgotten past in their later music. Knowing that these pictures and sounds would ruin Pantera's carefully crafted "toughguy" image, their record company has bought up any copies of these records they could find and sued anyone caught selling them. The CD you're about to hear, I am the Night, was the peak of Pantera's hair metal era. When you listen to their more recent albums from this point on, you'll find yourself wondering if they really changed... or just got better at hiding the queerness.

    Pantera "I am the Night" Hair Metal MP3s

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    give me liberty
    cowboys from hell is the best album ever made by mortals,NOTHING can change that.

    allthou i always did wonder what pantera sounded like BEFORE that,i just never found any of the old albums.

    thanks for the funny post.

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    nothing human inside
    The old stuff is better than the new stuff; it's more true to form.

    I found all four albums there.


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