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Thread: Mods are too lax

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    Invert, I've always thought you were intelligent. I've just never cared enough to make it through your ramblings. Also, when I said you lost your intelligence, I was just blowing smoke. Being a peanut. Nonetheless, I don't think I really missed much after page 3 of this thread (my pages are 30 posts long). There were really only 2 or 3 ways that this could of ended, and sure enough, the "debate" between you and gustav ended in one of them, though it's never really over, now is it?

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    Unnecessary Surgeon Dr Lou Natic's Avatar
    Leave him alone.
    This is mean, even for my tastes.

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    Oh my. So much to trawl through, all in a day or so... although I'm quite gratified to see this has finally been consigned to the cesspool. One does wonder there are so many subforums these days to begin with, though... that one would cover most of the forum.

    Now. Where to begin.

    ... I have a feeling this may be one of the longest posts I've ever made. I love christmas, you know. So much time on my hands, with nobody bothering me. I suppose christianity has its finer points, even if they are not quite what was intended.

    Yes. But no one is forcing the panner to do anything against his will, yes?
    Not at all. You see, Gendanken used to claim that she was here for exactly that purpose, though. And here she is... in this thread. And those like it, for the last... well. Quite some time. She even packed up her toys and went home for a while. You haven't noticed the gaping holes?
    I wonder how many others here have become something else, over time, for similar reasons. I wonder how many have become something they purported to dislike.

    And why am I here? Pure malevolence, with a side order of academic interest garnished with amusement. All born of disappointment. It's an odd combination of emotions to be feeling.

    I once said that certain individuals here were the most interesting I'd seen for some time.
    Look at them now. I get the same feeling when someone I'd previously liked discovers religion, and can't wait to let everyone know about it... even if they oh-so-quietly worm it into a conversation somewhere.

    Harlequin. A slightly different tone to that word as opposed to say, Jester. All my nicks have relevance at the time, you see. I may change it again at some stage. Although I have to admit, I'm enjoying this one. I may not change it for quite some time. I have to work on the entertainment side of things though - I'm not terribly good at that aspect. At this rate, I'll have no fans at all.
    Woe is me. Heh. Must be that "follower mentality" I apparently evince.

    As a side note, I am actually feeling a little Japanese at the moment. Here I am, trying to extract something nutritional from blowfish. Or perhaps it is more an Aboriginal thing - digging for witchety grubs in the bark, because there simply isn't anything else to eat.
    The thing about eating blowfish, is that you have to be careful not to get poisoned. Eat them long enough, and the odds rise.

    And. This is understandable. After all, which river would you rather pan? A turgid and seething monster full of gravel torn from the gullies as it washed down from high atop the mountain where it would take all your strength and stamina to stand long enough to pull forth a single nugget of gold from tons of useless granite? Or a calm, placid river where you can see the bottom covered in gold, sparkling ore where you have to fight for space with all the other panners but even so you're pulling out golden rock by the sackful? It doesn't matter that it's pyrrhite. Not while panning. The thrill is the same. And, if you never have the ore tested then the thrill never goes away.
    You know, I'd much prefer the former... and here I am in the latter.
    There have even been nuggets planted here, deliberately or otherwise... but it seems the pyrrite is far more interesting.

    (That harlequin shit was pretty nasty though, eh? Had you heard of it before?)
    Yes, a long time ago. It was either Xev or Gendanken who pointed me to it, incidentally. Probably Xev. I really don't remember though, I just remembered the reference. And the photo.

    Anyway. Why won't you start a thread? Because the evidence is here? Or you're claiming to not play for the gallery?
    (At the risk of being called a hypocrite or a flip-flopper, I'm now playing for the gallery. But perhaps not in the way that most would have in mind.)
    The evidence is all here. And I have not claimed to be not playing for the gallery - or in my case, parts of it. This is where the "observation" angle can be quite useful - it allows one to point out things without referring directly back to anyone else - or the self. I'm not the only one who uses it.
    I wonder if Gustav has that in his little reference somewhere. He was quite lax in missing it.

    Why not start a thread on it, though, other than that reason?
    I put in a one liner as a hook, to see who would see it and who wouldn't. Who would see past even that one line.
    I then explained further afterwards... but the focus remained on that one line rather than beyond it. It was, effectively, buried in guano.

    Let me ask a question - in a thread dedicated to it, if I'd started one.
    Would a discussion have been generated any more than it was here? Would it have attracted anyone other than the peanut gallery? Consider two things.
    One. I have been reacted to here rather than read. The illustration.
    Two. That reaction was caused not by what I'd written... but who I was, and misconceptions regarding my *original* intent.

    I'm not above admitting that that reaction caused considerable disappointment, leading to my original intent becoming.... blurred.
    But hope springs eternal.

    [quote]I'm not so sure that 'emotion before reasoning' is entirely correct though. I think they go hand in hand. The mistake is trying to seperate them at all. And placing emotion before reasoning is another attempt to seperate them but in the opposite way that most logicians would.

    Remove the emotive element of the brain and what have you?
    Remove the logical portion of the brain and what have you?

    We do not use 20 percent of our brains. We use all of it.
    True enough. But what value do we place on one above the other? In spite of our stated predilections for, say, logic above emotion - there are circumstances where emotion often wins out, when it is strong enough.
    The best discussions are when emotion is involved to some degree. But to allow it to cloud the mind is a crime. And there have been many, many crimes comitted here.

    On to Gusty....
    tabula rasa. from a dead philosopher.
    what do we know now?
    Which dead philosopher? It seems I have some reading to do. Or perhaps not. You know, I've read very little philosophy. Some might consider that a crime too. I don't.

    so we have a crackpot running around this board with his philosophical mumbo jumbo unwilling to consider anything except with the most superficial of consideration and treatment.

    the shit is presented with fanatical religiosity. it is the final word. a firmly held conviction.
    Aye. Until proved otherwise. Going to take a crack at it?

    the palace intrigue...

    ...oh the humanity!
    Hah! Finally seeing the illustration?

    in your cannot. the constraints of ego demand you not do so
    Au contraire. I did, at the beginning.
    Later events proved what a waste of time that was.

    harlequin: it is my way or the highway, dammit
    harlequin: i bring you wisdom from the ancients. accept or die, dammit
    harlequin: how dare you doubt me, the all knowing sage of sciforums. the final arbiter of everything, dammit
    harlequin: pledge your allegiance to me, dammit
    Do not inflate things so much.
    So I come across as arrogant, narcissistic? So be it. I have my convictions, and my beliefs, the same as everyone here. They've been garnered over years of experience and observation. And self-analysis.
    What would you prefer? I take a back seat, say "please explain" a lot and accept every piece of bullshit that is thrown my way? Pretend I'm all meek and humble, like, when I'm not?

    Let me throw something into the ring. My arrogance comes from who I am, not what I have, nor what is given to me by others. I'm not blind to myself. I amuse myself on occasion. But at least I see it.. and I am not ashamed of myself in totality. Some here should be. Others simply never see.

    It's one of the attractions of this place. People come here, and many stay for a long, long time in the context of the internet. The personality changes, when one knows a little of the history, are deeply interesting - in spite of personal involvement in some cases. Can a psycologist ever separate himself competely from his work? At times, it's a little like being two people at once. The invovled, and the observer. Or perhaps the gestalt - the involved observer.

    from the troll handbook....

    THE SNEER: ...
    Know something? When I wrote that, I knew how it looked. I wondered if anyone would attempt to trip me on it.
    Remember this: Behavioural analysts will point out that scratching at the nose can be an indication that one is lying. Sometimes, it is simply an itchy nose.
    It was something closer to genuine befuddlement than a sneer.

    Put on the right face: ...
    Again.... I am right. Prove me wrong rather than quoting from your handbook.

    Synopsis. In others, I might believe an argument about something they simply cannot see. In Gendanken, I expected more.
    Perhaps I was mistaken.

    1. Always refer to your opponent by his/her first name.
    Look back. I always refer to them by their nick. Unless I see something amusing in it when they've completely failed to earn that.
    Therefore, after that post by you - Gusty. Windy.
    I can't believe I had to explain that!.

    Xev, Invert. Photos.
    Die, both of you. I'm still working. Although I'll take my summer heat over your winter snow, any day, I do so dearly love mountains, and water.

    That's Asia. A-s-i-a.

    Harlo's got them goods from Asia, grrrrrrr.
    Far too transparent.
    Now go for it - tell me you weren't trying. Compound the lapse.

    Medium rare.
    Brings out the barbecue flavor.
    I know you hate Rand, but here's something for you.
    There was a man detailed in "The Fountainhead", who wanted a house built exactly like those lived in by the ones who thought themselves better than he, but whom he ultimately sought to emulate.
    And it was a waste of time for Rourke to try explaining to him what that house really signified.

    By the way- you believe waaaaay too much, clownboy.
    Keep this in mind next time: acting is dishonesty squared.
    Isn't it just.
    Don't even try. It's something you never have been good at, and in this case amateurish. Like your last attempt.

    Wonder why I've mentioned you often?
    Because of all those here, in this cesspit, you are the most disappointing. Perhaps even the only one I've been truly disappointed in at all.
    And such disappointment never emanates from those whom one never sees anything in to begin with. You were worth reading once, history or no history.
    Perhaps you'll think now of blackened teeth, and foul breath - but you'll be fooling yourself if you believe its the case here.

    And there is the final reason I'm here, among those I've already noted.
    If you haven't seen it for yourself, then you needed to be told.
    What you do now is entirely up to you. Be the Gendanken of old, or continue your slide into this. Your choice.


    Game over.
    Last edited by Harlequin; 12-19-05 at 07:13 AM. Reason: Minor clarifications, probably wasted.

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    Masturbation without hands Perfect's Avatar
    Guess I'll now abandon the much yearned for tearjerker and just go watch DOOM. The quota has been met.
    or then.. gay porn.
    Both have more balls.

    Not enough 'fucks' and 'shits' for my tastes anyhow - merely bonds

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    Unnecessary Surgeon Dr Lou Natic's Avatar
    This clinched it for me-
    It's bedtime for this cowpoke. Gotta get up at 5:30.
    He's too real.
    Just a sad lonely cement shoveler. The one highlight in his life was talking to gendanken on sciforums and feeling like an intellectual, and now she's just wailing on him and laughing along with everyone else. And he can't even defend himself.
    It's horrible. He's innocent. What did he do to deserve this? "Present logical fallacies"? Well, better warn satan, he's got competition.
    Give him a break, the poor old fella. Just imagine him, logging out, and going to do a tradesmen-calibre shit in his perfectly quiet and bland apartment. Then tucking himself into bed alone, grimacing as tears well in his soft proud eyes, his world has fallen apart in this thread, and it really isn't funny...

    *dr lou weeps*

    ... *sobs loudly*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harlequin
    I once said that certain individuals here were the most interesting I'd seen for some time.
    Look at them now.
    You are only disappointed in them because you assume that the self is something absolute and permanent.

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    Masturbation without hands Perfect's Avatar
    As we examine the internets..

    ..gore and profanity equals fun, dispirited personas equal...*sob*.. I can't go on..

    As my treshold gently weeps

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    Cry not, dear heart. Things are not always what they appear.

    And. I deal in wood, not stone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by invert_nexus
    I deal in wood, not stone.
    What does that mean? Is it an idiom? Someone please explain this to me.
    (This thread's good! I'm learning plenty new words and idioms!)

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    Applesauce, bitch... Mephura's Avatar
    It means he works with lumber and not cement. A carpenter of some sort, not a mason.

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    An idiom? Not really. I'm brought to mind of a phrase, "I deal in lead." From The Gunslinger.

    What does it mean?
    Simply that.

    Lou has me pegged for a cement shoveler as I've stated that I work in the construction trade. I do not shovel cement. I deal in wood. I'm a carpenter.

    At least you're being a calm observer, Water. Still coming in for some blood though, eh?

    Know what I like?
    Lou's and Perfect's method of pretending sympathy. Ah. The weeping. The wailing. Poor, poor Invert. What did the poor boy do to deserve this? The humanity. Oh. Woe's me!!

    Stop and think, idiots. What did I do to deserve what?
    And what do you deserve for your false sympathy? More than I'm giving you, I suspect. And more than has been given.

    And. Harlequin. Nah. You were fooled just like the rest of 'em. I have to admit though, that little speech you made where you got all open and non-cryptic almost made me confess to you. But, I held back. I saw why you believed in that speech. Public humiliation of a loyal friend. You weren't defending me at all. Maybe only vicariously.

    Anyway. Don't feel too bad. The whole thing wasn't in jest. Merely the fervor. She still does believe all of Gustav's bullshit. And I guess I have to accept that in her. That she's been conned. It's a real letdown in someone you've thought of as so perceptive. But as I've said. She's too well-versed in flame wars to easily escape the assumptions contained therein.
    I guess I can't really blame her.
    Or any of the other peanuts.

    Anyway. I'll get to your post in a bit. Off to work for this cowpoke.
    And. Now I'm going to be late. And I'm going to be fired. And it's all your fault.
    Cry for me now, motherfuckers!

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    Masturbation without hands Perfect's Avatar
    "Know what I like?
    Lou's and Perfect's method of pretending sympathy. Ah. The weeping. The wailing. Poor, poor Invert. What did the poor boy do to deserve this? The humanity. Oh. Woe's me!!"

    Delusive nonchalance, invert. You so promote it to be sincere, you don’t care, or so you claim.

    And yet...

    It’s sad.

    So, I will not pretend sympathy, you deserve sincerity. I weep for you must reply yet again - the need for influences and them.
    Or then you enjoy this (kick me anyone?).

    (in finnish ‘influenssa’ means a virus based disease)

    EDIT: Oh, and no I did not read those pages. In fact, let us not walk the would be contradictive path, therefore...

    ..pick my last post in this eyesore:

    1. Fuck you
    2. I'll let that slide
    3. No time, gonna go and drink for a week or so
    Last edited by Perfect; 12-19-05 at 09:11 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by invert_nexus
    At least you're being a calm observer, Water. Still coming in for some blood though, eh?
    It's monstrous, what is happening here. Monstrous, the display of the egos. Monstrous the interest of the bystanders. And how we humans love this!
    Get in touch with your inner dragon ...

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    And there is a thing to be said about winners, and this is pertinent both to the losers, as well as to how other people perceive the winner and the loser in a fight.

    People often have the tendency to automatically consider the winner to be superior to the loser, superior in every way.
    If someone wins (and what the fight was like and what it was about it actually secondary), he tends to automatically be considered physically, morally, intellectually superior to the loser. And the winner tends to consider himself that way as well.

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    There was a fight here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gendanken
    CESSPOOL, all you idiots. OH yeah...
    how am i an idiot?

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    I have found this thread makes much more sense since I placed everybody except Spurious [and a handful of occasional visitors] on my Ignore List. Such clarity.

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    Registered Senior Member Xev's Avatar

    Today I woke up, ate my Blueberry Morning cereal and stepped outside to this view:

    Suck it.

    "Anyway. Don't feel too bad. The whole thing wasn't in jest. Merely the fervor. She still does believe all of Gustav's bullshit. And I guess I have to accept that in her. That she's been conned. It's a real letdown in someone you've thought of as so perceptive. But as I've said. She's too well-versed in flame wars to easily escape the assumptions contained therein."

    Wow. You know what? That sounds like something one of John Fowles' characters would write. Eeech.
    Last edited by Xev; 12-19-05 at 01:22 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ophiolite
    I have found this thread makes much more sense since I placed everybody except Spurious [and a handful of occasional visitors] on my Ignore List. Such clarity.
    the weak and infirm waltz in brandishing the mother of all wmd's
    the ignore list

    you really cannot get anymore pathetic than that
    it is also very likely, that those who boast of this, click to expand and read, the ignored

    who dare disagree?

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    Applesauce, bitch... Mephura's Avatar

    Perhaps I'm wrong in this, but I can't find any record of having sent anything to you in the last six months. I'm currious, what other forum are you referring to and what exactly did this message say?


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