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Thread: End of the world-final warning

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    give me liberty
    earth is well over 4 billion years old.

    90% of all species that have ever exsisted have been wiped out.

    for over 1700 years''christians'' have been preaching this ''end of the world'' bullshit and have been wrong everytime.


    most things lived and died long before christians.

    christians have been wrong on every time they say the world is going to end.

    the majority of what the bible says is absolute fact,has been proven scientificly false.

    when the world ends,mostly like it will be the result of a misguided religous nutbar.

    WE HATE YOU !!!

    thank you

    a message from logic and reasoning

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    Quote Originally Posted by witnessjudgejury
    The end of the world, as I see it.

    This comes from the Word of the Bible and from my reasoning and proofs which I have found in my 44 years of doing nothing but searching for the truth and for God.

    In a nutshell, here was will happen from this point until eternity.
    1) The human race will be wiped off the face of the earth with the exception of the Elect. (The 144,000 who love God and have kept his commandments.
    2)Satan will be bound in chains and cast into the bottomless pit for 1,000 years.
    3)The dead who believed in christ will sleep for the thousand years.
    4)Christ will reign on earth with the Elect for the thousand years.
    5)After the thousand years, the dead will be awakened and the Satan will be loosed for a short time.
    6)Then Satan and his followers and those who believed but did not love God and chose their own way instead of Gods way will be cast into outer darkness and into the lake of fire where they will burn
    alive for eternity.
    7)Those who loved God will enter the kingdom of heaven and spend eternity as children in his kingdom.

    What concerns us is what is happening now. God said he would Judge the nations and would make the
    places which are an abomination desolate. The U.S. is the most powerful nation in the world and
    is where Gods judgement begins. New Oleans was his first judgement. Take note that few people
    were killed in these tragedies which means God is trying to tell us to repent and choose God.
    You all know that you are children of the Devil. His blood, through Cain has tainted the blood
    of nearly all humans on earth. If you do not choose God, you will be Satans because it is in
    your genes to be like your father.

    God said this last generation would be like the generation in the days of Noah. God hated that
    generation of people so much that he drowned everyone within 40 days except Noah and his family.
    Believe me, he hates this generation just as much. This brings us to the first lie which the
    entire world believes. That God loves everyone. God said that he chastises those whom he loves.
    This is proof that there are many whom he does not love and does not chastise.

    Jesus said: if you are not with me, you are against me. So, if you do not choose God, then you go
    with the Devil and you are his servants. This is not a wise decision to or not to make for the
    following reason. Satan saw himself that he was so magnificent he thought he could create a kingdom
    better than Gods. Little did he know that, first, it is impossible for something created to
    be better than that which created it. Second, God gave all his creation freedom of choice, not
    freeedom of action. Nothing happens without God doing it. All we have is choice. If we choose
    God then God does good through us and with us and purifies us to make us good. If we do not choose
    God then God does with us and through us that which he wishes and that which goes along with the
    choice that we did or did not make.

    So, everything does Gods will. Whether it chooses to or not. Even Satan himself does nothing which
    God did not put in him to do.

    God made New Orleans desolate. This was the sleeziest and most wicked city in the country. Full
    of Voodoo, Sex, Vampirism, homosexuality, and all other forms of wickedness. What city will be next?
    God will not stop until the entire country has been judged. Why do you think there are earthquake
    rumblings in california, LosAngels, Hollywood.

    You people think you are good and do not deserve judgement. Let me point something out to you. Each
    of you is a mass murderer. You pay your taxes which pay farmers not to grow food which should have
    been used to feed the tens of thousands of poor in the world which die every day. Not only that
    No one loves God, most don't even believe in him. You serve your selves. You worship instant
    gratification, comfort, vanity, money, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. All of these things
    are those that the devil has supplied for you in his kingdom. The devils kingdom here is
    temporary just as your lives are temporary here.

    Another lie which the whole world believes is that if you are "saved" , you are going to heaven.
    Jesus promised that whosoever believes on him shall not perish but will have eternal life.
    He did not say where you would spend your eternal life however. Many will spend it in Hellfire
    and torment
    in outer darkness. This because they believed in him, but did not love him, nor
    did they even care what he wanted or wanted you to do. You just believed and kept on worshipping

    Everyone has to go through the purification "fire" in order to burn fathers (Satans) wickedness
    and evil out of our souls. No one here wants to go through the fire, so God will put you
    through it as he judges and destroys the world in his wrath. Those who choose God through
    this hell on earth will make it to heaven in the end. Most will curse God through it
    and will end up in hell forvever.

    I'm not preaching to you. I'm just telling you how it is and what is going to happen pretty much
    immediately now that you have been informed and warned.

    Those who do not believe (the spiritually dead) will probably get to die and be dead with no
    fear of going to hell or heaven.
    Be bold.

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    quote from witnessjudgejury
    "So, everything does Gods will. Whether it chooses to or not. Even Satan himself does nothing which God did not put in him to do."

    (sorry i don't know how to properly paste quotes.) well, what I see here is that you are saying that gaud put in santan to persuade humans into doing deeds against gaud himself/herself/itself, why would he/she/it do this? Also if gaud exist in all time as many people say, wouldn't he/she/it already have known that eve and adam would eat the forbidden fruit? and with the quote above, he then made the serpent?devil persuade eve and eve persuading adam into eating the fruit knowing what was going to happen even before he/she/it warned eve and adam not to eat the forbidden fruit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stretched
    "Also i believe your sequence of events is wrong. Have a read of Revelation chapter 20 and come back and look at your sequence. It just does not line up with scripture."

    * You Christian dudes don`t agree on much. Heh.
    Well there are disagreements on central issues of faith, Serious disagreements.

    Then there are disagreements on issues not central to the faith, unimportant.

    I would not call this disagreement a central issue but i can see danger in one putting their faith in what jjw has posted here. (the sequence issue only)

    jjw posted a lot more than just the sequence of events. i am only referring to the sequence as being a trivial matter.

    quote from witnessjudgejury
    "So, everything does Gods will. Whether it chooses to or not. Even Satan himself does nothing which God did not put in him to do."
    I would call this a far more serious matter of disagreement. because it portrays God as a kind of megalomaniac psychopath.

    But yes you are right there are many disagreements. As scripture said there was and would be. It serves a purpose.

    1 Corinthians 11
    18 For first of all, when you come together as a church, I hear that there are divisions among you, and in part I believe it. 19 For there must also be factions among you, that those who are approved may be recognized among you.

    All Praise The Ancient Of Days

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    -meta consciousness- Fukushi's Avatar

    Al those who believe in this crap, will be bound by what they project onto themselves,...

    Honestely: there are better things you could wish for,...

    And not only for yourself,


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    ummmm. do you think i wish for it?

    No i do not wish for it. But wishing for something or otherwise makes no difference to what will happen.

    Amos 5
    18 Woe to you who desire the day of the LORD! For what good is the day of the LORD to you? It will be darkness, and not light.

    There are ones who seek the day of the Lord. They get a sense of enjoyment out of the thought that people will suffer. But their desire revels their own unforgiving hearts. Showing that they do not have the right Spirit. Those who desire the day of the Lord and even try to manipulate world events to bring forward the day of the Lord will find themselves trapped in the suffering of the day of the Lord.

    All Praise The Ancient Of Days

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    For further elucidation.

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    End times prophets do understand that Revelations was just a metaphor for Roman persecution of the christians, and it was a good way to bring some hope through J.C.
    No guess not.
    Bring on the 7 headed beast!

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    Forgot to mention.

    Witnessjudgejury, what you believe is that God created humans, which he then tried to purify from the evil that he created... for no apparent reason? That’s a mind-boggling theory... and if you haven't noticed it from the 44 years of study, then you indeed are a fucking moron.

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    Don't be affraid :-) It's the new begining!

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    Quote Originally Posted by James R

    Are you a Mormon, then?

    How many Mormons are there these days? Many more than 144,000, right? Which ones get the nod from God?
    Just a clarification...Mormons don't believe that only 144,000 will be saved. Many more will be. You're probably thinking of Jehovah's Witnesses with the 144,000 thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by witnessjudgejury
    If you do not choose God, you will be Satans because it is in your genes to be like your father.
    However we got our DNA, it wasn't our choice and it has a major impact on our behavior. If we decide to take the Bible seriously, wasn't our DNA given to us by God?

    Quote Originally Posted by witnessjudgejury
    You serve your selves.
    Of course.. You too.. It's by design..

    BTW as I mentioned elsewhere, the dimension of time does not exist in matter independent worlds so you simply cannot process any particular feeling (e.g. pain or pleasure) in hell or heaven so just relax

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