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Thread: Mars' Reverse Rotation .. is it true?

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    Question Mars' Reverse Rotation .. is it true?

    Hi all.
    I just want to know, that is it true that recently it has been observed that Mars has started to rotate in a reverse direction and in the same way.. some day earth will start rotating in reverse direction, and in that case the sun will rise from west and set in east?

    It may be totally a fake news, and i believe that its fake because I heard it no where but in a local non-english news paper.. :S and that news paper ain't very authentic. So if there's anything like that near to reality so please post your comments.

    Thank you.

    .. TX.iNDiGo

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    Its fake news. It spins the same direction as earth does.

    Rotational Data
    This is the information about how Mars spins about its axis. Mars's equator is tilted with respect to the ecliptic about the same amount as Earth's and the duration of its day is about as long as Earth's.

    Inclination of equator to orbital plane 25.1
    Sidereal rotation period 24 hours
    37 minutes
    22.66 seconds
    Solar rotation period
    (noontime to noontime, or one Martian day) 24 hours
    39 min
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    hmm. Thanks for confirming..

    -- TX.iNDiGo

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    Only Venus rotates in retro. Of that it take 243 earth days for one venus day!

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    No, the gravitational forces can not be altered, unless its April 1st. Only Venus spins in reverse. What you might be thinking of is the apparent retrograde motion of orbits as planets pass each other, giving the appearance of a planet "going backwards" ???

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    This could also be confusion with the magentic pole business, which was the subject of some attention recently when the movie "The Core" came out. I beleive Nova ran an excellent story mentioning that Mars undergoes pole reversal, and the Earth shows similar signs (vague recollection off the top of my head, don't quote me on this).

    Just thought I'd mention it. :-)


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