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    The remaining forces were angered by Synda's destruction enough to fire on Earth. The Vortex Disrupters destroyed fleets and absorbed or altered the planet. The ships all fired on Australia for three minutes turning it into a crater. The 17 laser weapons on each broadside of the Mothership fired onto the North and South Poles turning them into running lava. After firing 12 more Vortex Disruptors, turning the rest of the defenses to energy, Pross landed in the middle of North America, and sent a message across the system.

    "We are the Qanx, and we now control your planet! If you dare destroy our ship, a 912 petaton explosion will occur from our reactor, and this takes 10 seconds for your sun to conjure, so, you will not attack us." a voice all over Earth's communications yelled.

    The rest of the ships were burning down Asia. This was the subjugation of Earth.
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    Out of Game: Technically you are killing side characters and users and such without permission. Dude, you know me and Omega are on Genesis Imperial City, an artificial island in the Mediterranean and Flemster is in a space station orbiting Earth.......

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    OOC: You know what side characters Skullkid just killed? Besides, are you certain I attacked the Mediterranean? How can I edit that? Maybe he was on a different side of Earth than the one I was on.

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    Out of Game: What he did is not of my concern. Dude, Mediterranean is the center of Western Europe technically.

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    OOC: Fine... Then Synda's resources and men did not die.

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    Out of Game: Fine, but the ship went sayonara and shinne. What you do with your people doesn't concern me as long as it doesn't interfere with us.

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    Out of Game: I am going to wait for Omega and Skullkid to post something now. Don't forget it is not a versus thread, if it was we would have most definitely said your entire civilization would bakuhatsu shimasu, and will say sayonara to the universe and their existence. Is not the more users you kill the better.
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    OOC: This is technically action as well, and it's not like subjugation will kill the characters.

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    Out of Game: True, but remember not to destroy the universe, that's all I can say.

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    OOC: Great, now get back to the plot.

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    Out of Game: If we refuse to surrender...oh well I am going to wait for Omega, Skullkid and perhaps Razor and Flemster. Bakuhatsu Shimasu means explode in Nihongo ( Japanese ). Nippon Banzai!

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    The Flemster sat halfway down the Death To All Humans and shouted the sisxty feet up to the bridge.
    "Oi! Where are we now?"
    "BEEP. Somewhere, probably." the metallic voice responded.
    The Flemster facepalmed himself before standing up in the low cabin. "Send out a hail to all fleet ships and ask them where they are, would you? I'll be asleep in the back."
    Up on the bridge, Dave pressed some buttons and sent the hail. "BEEP. Message sent, dipshit."

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    Out of Game: Me and Omega are not on our ships. Skullkid and Razor are. Omega is drunk, and making out with two girls at a bar. Shogun was suicidal, got talked out of it by Prince Yorimoto Yamato, but couldn't find the bar for a long time, is soaking wet and is giving Omega the bill for the clothes he bought.

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    Skullkid's pod is heading for Earth. He can't the believe the bomb didn't engulf the Sydna. It was a complete failure. He then recieved the Flemster's message and was now heading for an area on Earth called Genesis Imperial City. Why, he does not know. But he has a feeling that something or someone is there looking for him.

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    razor came out of hyperspace over earth and in the way of three huge purple ball like projectiles. as they beared down on them razor yelled " raise shields charge weapons and engage evasive manuvers!" as the crew complied and the ship began evasive manuvers razor brought up his scanners and directed them at the projectiles. realizing that even one could critacly damage them or destroy them razor had every gun open fire on the two that they wouldn't be able to dodge. razor rejoiced as they blew up, but suddenly his scanners beeped looking in surprise at them razor stared dumbfounded as the scanners showed a projectile coming out from the cloud left by the other two. by the time razor realized what it was it was to late to do anything about it. bracing for impact razor and the crew awaited thier death.

    out in space where razors ship was a huge unbearably bright light shone. once it was gone the only thing remaining was a small piece of the bridge and a few hull parts floating in space. there is no sign of any survivors or a single escape pod.

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    "Hey, i'm surry aboot yer cloths kiddo. But ya knew how it was, a purple cow came in here and stole my lightsaber. Then this really ugly toilet waltzzzeeeeeeed right up to da bar and ordered some vod..... vod..... what's da werd?" One of the females beside Omega replied: "Vodka?" "Right! And that is the truth occiffer." The bartender looked over at Captain Omega. "Dang gun that boys drunk. Yo Bobby! Give our friend over there a SobeAir Patch." Bobby walked over and slapped a SobeAir patch on Omega. "Woot da frack? What is that.... that.... dang it. I'm sober. Oh hi Shogun, what's with the clothes?" Shogun explained the situation to Omega. "So let me get this straight, Skullkid released the bomb and it didn't do anything, the Qanx are attacking planets, you met the Prince while trying to commit suicide, and I was here the whole time making out with two gorgeous beauties? I got to stop drinking."

    Just then Omega received a transmission from the Aggressor. "Captain!" "Yes Jack, what is it?" "Admiral The Flemster is in a small craft and requesting to know where we are." "You tell him, me and Sogun will be at the royal family's dinner party tomorow."

    "Admiral Flemster, this is First Mate Jack of The SSS Aggressor. Our present coordiantes are 5.11.23333333. We would appreciate a visit. Captain Omega and Captain Shogun are in the Vichi Empire on leave. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Oh, and one more thing.... we are at war with the Qanx and The Black Hole Empire, so be careful. Aggressor out."

    OUT OF GAME:The legend has returned. Welcome back Flemster.

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    OUT OF GAME: Great, Flemster returns which should be cause for drinking and then Razor dies which is grounds for a funeral ceremony.

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    Qanx patrols moved across the city. No rebels will intervene. Orders say destroy Europe and Russia's buildings and replace them with factories, but a quicker way is sterilizing the areas from space. The orders say that they will start in an hour, and have alerted the populace to leave, even if they didn't give them ships.

    The newly arrived admiral has sent forces to investigate all resistance on other planets of the system, preparing to eradicate them for good if they prove to be a threat to the Qanx. They even have Vortex Bombs that will be used.

    OOC: Are there colonies on Mercury and Venus, as well as the moons of gas giants?

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    A message was sent to the Qanx: "I am Grand Admiral Thompson of SciFleet. I am contacting you to speak of a possible truce. What is it that you want?"

    OUT OF GAME: Their are colonies on livable places(mars, pluto, moons). Planets such as gas giants have orbital colonies, so in a way, yes.

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    The Qanx received the message and responded with: "We are the Qanx, and we want your system, and because of that, we will take it."

    The science vessels flew to the planets of the system for information on their resources and use:
    Mercury has become the planet they will use for tests, such as weapons.
    Venus's sulfur dioxide has interested the Qanx so that they conserved it for chemical warfare.

    Mars and Pluto, as well as the moons of the giants have had the populace become manpower for building. Jupiter itself has a very important purpose.

    In the scientist lab hovering above Jupiter, there is a test showing resources that would benefit the Qanx more than the rest of the system combined.

    "Amazing, this planet contains more Solarvort than any planet we've possessed, and it will benefit for the war." stated a Qanx scientist

    "But we require many ships to mine for just the output for one use." said the other.

    "Well, I'll tell the Scientist Council and they will decide what to do."



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