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Thread: Photos of American soldiers raping Iraqi women

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    Photos of American soldiers raping Iraqi women

    Buzzflash provided a link to a number of photos of American soldiers raping Iraqi female POWs.

    I do not recommend looking at this link. But it is there.

    The disgust I feel for my country is overwhelming. My disgust for the people who support this is war is overwhelming.

    If Americans knew what was going on over there, the whole country would throw out Bush and neocons immediately. But do they know? No.
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    smoking revolver
    I don't think that it would disturb american population much. it's a country where human executions were proposed to be run live via tv network

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    Encephaloid Martini (Q)'s Avatar

    I thought the soldiers in Iraq wore brown, not green.

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    Open-minded Scientist
    Those are forgeries. I am sure they are.

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    smoking revolver
    you are also sure that there is an active alien eti presence on Mars

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    smoking revolver
    but yeah, most likely forgeries
    women too white
    men too green
    and not even a sunburn

    edit: a bit too bad those pic's are censored

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    Open-minded Scientist
    you are also sure that there is an active alien eti presence on Mars
    Avatar, why the off-topic remark? What does it have to do with this topic? Grow up.

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    smoking revolver
    I was simply pointing out that people should be careful when you say that you are sure of something

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    Open-minded Scientist
    Avatar, no your are posting flame-bait, making unnecessary remarks, and just being a complete and utter idiot, like you seem to be all the time.

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    Unnecessary Surgeon Dr Lou Natic's Avatar
    hahaha that's obviously sit-porn.
    You could argue its distastefull to make porn about such a topic, but in the end its fiction and using it to make propoganda is far more deplorable.

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    laughing weasel
    Guest I too had a hard time believing that it was even possible now that mainstream news is picking up on this the command needs to take quick and extremely harsh action. They probably did not investigate these incidents sooner because they dismissed it as irrational propaganda. There is no way American soldiers would behave this way is what I thought. I joined the army to fight against people like that.

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    I don't believe that most American soldiers support this. But what scares me is that here you have apologetics for the unapologitical. The US has taken a beating on this, and so she should. What do you expect the international community to do? Be like some people here and scoff, and dismiss all this? The US military is a professional one, but elements exist in it that raises serious questions on how much emphasis the US places on ethics. It also lends credence to the idea that the US alone cannot be trusted to regulate itself.

    Iraq: Torture not isolated -- independent investigations vital
    There is a real crisis of leadership in Iraq -- with double standards and double speak on human rights, Amnesty International said today.
    "Our extensive research in Iraq suggests that this is not an isolated incident. It is not enough for the USA to react only once images have hit the television screens".

    Amnesty International has received frequent reports of torture or other ill-treatment by Coalition Forces during the past year. Detainees have reported being routinely subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment during arrest and detention. Many have told Amnesty International that they were tortured and ill-treated by US and UK troops during interrogation. Methods often reported include prolonged sleep deprivation; beatings; prolonged restraint in painful positions, sometimes combined with exposure to loud music; prolonged hooding; and exposure to bright lights. Virtually none of the allegations of torture or ill-treatment has been adequately investigated by the authorities.

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    Those uniforms don't look like US Army issue. They are old and the camouflage pattern is too small. Also, thr jackets are the wrong length and the colors are closer to the fake camouflage you'd buy in a department store. The "soldiers" also don't appear top have the correct military haircuts or the right boots.

    I'm just looking at pictures sent back to me by my cousin in Fallujah and friend in Baghdad and they look completely different.

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    It could coalition troops for all we know...

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    These photographs were brought up in another thread and trounced just as quickly.

    Everything is wrong in them.

    No wounds or bruises of any kind can be seen on the women.

    One of the women is either white or Asian.

    The wrong uniform is worn by the soldiers.

    The positions assumed by the women are rather... exaggerated.

    The women are not fighting back at all.

    It's the middle of the day. Rape doesn't happen in the middle of the day.

    The three guys are half-naked and cooperating.
    I mean... please... this is "gang bang" pornography, no question.

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    "It's the middle of the day. Rape doesn't happen in the middle of the day."

    When it's committed by the occupying (pardon, no pun intended) soldiers of an enemy force, it is.

    I agree that those are likely fabrications, though, or culled from some vile rape-fantasy site.
    Those don't look like our uniforms, and since when were Iraqi women blonde, well-groomed Caucasians? Not a one of them looks Middle-Eastern at all.

    And that's not an M-16. It looks like a cheap pistol.

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    I don't think that occupying soldiers, especially US ones, would be able to perform a daylight rape.

    Are their superiors just going to look the other way?
    I doubt they will, if it transpires in daylight, for all to see.

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    My Lai?

    I doubt that they WOULD - but it's not divorced from all possibility.

    Even so, it's ridiculous to assume the photos are real. Any goon with a couple hundred dollars worth of props and some willing actors could stage this, and would find hundreds of thousands of goons willing to pay to see the pictures.

    Are we supposed to believe that there is some tender soul with a camera, blithely witnessing a gang-rape, yet unwilling to intervene on the victim's behalf? And yet this tender soul is so stricken with remorse that he releases the pictures to the media?

    Or perhaps this is not some tender soul, but a callous army member gloating over the enemy's humiliation? Knowing full well that what he's witnessing and doing is incredibly illegal, he stops to take a few pictures with his - Kodak disposi-cam? And then shows these to all and sundry?


    And Iraqi women are well-groomed blondes.

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    35 year old virgin
    All of you are naive. This is obviously the real deal, and this is going on in Iraq everyday. The Pentagon actually has a special branch of PsyOps that handles this sort of thing.

    I guess the shame of it is that the money shots have been edited out. Being ex-military myself (PsyOps, Ft. Benning), I am privy to the best Army porn available. We've got some great shots of these Iraqi bitches with Grade A, American soldier baby-batter(some folks call it man butter, love-gravy, koopie, jism, love-snot, spunk, etc.) streaming down their faces, but we generally don't release those pics. I've always tried to train the troops under my command that the most important thing is to finish strong. Apparently the CO of these troops didn't instill that in these noble young men. This is truly a disgrace to the porn (woops, I meant Army) industry everywhere, and should be viewed as such.

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    Those don't look like our uniforms, and since when were Iraqi women blonde, well-groomed Caucasians? Not a one of them looks Middle-Eastern at all.

    you lie! long live Saddam!
    kick the raping occupying rapists out of Iraq!!!

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