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Thread: What is a Dry Sense of Humor?

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    Wink What is a Dry Sense of Humor?

    Hey peoples,

    I commonly hear persons as having a Dry Sense of Humor, exactly what is that? Because I and my friends have a rather un-common sense of humor which brings us together and I am wondering would that be the title of it, dry?

    Thanks for your input!

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    Great Tealnoggin!
    It is the kind where you don't laugh. Jedi humor.

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    Dry sense if humor doesn't really call attention to itself as being humorous. It's not silly, in- your-face, try to be funny, a la Robin Williams or Jim Carrey. It's often something you have to think about a bit before you get it. Often people with a dry sense of humor are misunderstood, because it's hard to tell if they are joking or are serious.

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    Be kind to yourself always. cosmictraveler's Avatar
    A man went camping in Northern Arizona, as he had many times before. But he noticed something different this time when he began fishing. There were no bites on his line at all. He headed over to the local market to get some new bait, and the shopkeeper gave him some advice.

    "Don't even bother buying any bait," said the shopkeeper

    "Why's that?" questioned the man.

    "There ain't no fish 'round here no more. We had a freak flood come through and wipe them all out."

    "But how would a flood wipe out the fish?" wondered the man.

    "There ain't never been no water 'round Arizona, so the fish never learned to swim."

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    The comedian Steven Wright is the ultimate in dry humor.

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    Ahh alright, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbobuick86
    Where those around you are not even sure you were trying to be funny.
    You mean like resurrecting a 6 year old thread?

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    So what's the opposite of a "dry" sense of humor....wet?

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    I've heard a saying that I think means "humorless", which is the phrase "dryballs". If you're a "dryball" you ain't much fun, and you only pretend to get the jokes...

    I guess it was a '80s kid-phrase for people who are called nerds these days.

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    Wit not presented as such

    Straight faced comedy

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