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Thread: Herr Dean goes ballistic. Good for a giggle.

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    35 year old virgin

    Herr Dean goes ballistic. Good for a giggle.

    I'm sure you heard it by now, but if not, it's the funniest thing on the net today. Have a listen.

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    Amusing, yes. Certainly a bit punch-drunk. This track may be somewhat opportunitically misinterpreted, though: Speakers who have been belting out marathon speeches, overpowering hoarseness eventually reach a condition where being heard in a noisy crowd takes great effort, and voice control becomes unsteady. If you've ever done a lot of speaking, or yelled for a long time, perhaps at a game or concert, you may recall the pain and unpredictability of your own thoroughly abused larynx.

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    35 year old virgin
    WOW Hype, way to completely miss the point, yet again. It must suck when you become such a true believer that you lose your sense of humor.

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    Should I find it hilarious when a runner staggers in a marathon, too?

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    Let us not launch the boat ... Tiassa's Avatar
    • Barbash, Fred. "Dean Explains 'Explosive' Speech." Washington Post, January 20, 2004. See
    "Today I am going to give a different kind of speech," the former Vermont governor told supporters in Manchester, N.H., a day after finishing third in the Iowa caucuses. "Those of you who came here intending to be lifted by . . . a lot of red meat rhetoric are going to be a little disappointed."

    Dean referred to his frenetic, shouting appearance before supporters in Iowa after the caucus results became known, a performance that led NBC's Katie Couric to tell him this morning, "Some people watching feared you might implode."

    "Do you think things got a little out of control and you got a little over the top?" she asked Dean on the Today Show. "Can you explain that?"

    Dean replied, "Thirty-five hundred young people showed up in Iowa to help me win the caucuses. We didn't win, but I thought I owed them a little bit of fun. We're going to have some fun in this race."
    I accept that answer.

    In fact, it's a damn good one.

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    You Forgot Poland Clockwood's Avatar
    The man was doing a scene out of "The Exorcist". He turns red, starts screaming, and he did that insane evil grimace of his. When he talked about marching to Washington it sounded like he meant "Over the bones and torn corpses of Bush's followers".

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    Clockwood, you might have an attention-getting ad there for

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    35 year old virgin
    I really thought if you gave him darker hair and a brown shirt he could have fooled most into believing Der Fuhrer was alive and well.

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    Let us not launch the boat ... Tiassa's Avatar
    Herr Dean ... = Colonel Klink?

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    Registered Senior Member CounslerCoffee's Avatar
    Colonel Klink? Have you been watching The Simpson’s lately, Tiassa?

    As for Dean, I saw his... act, on Faux News. It seems the good people over at Faux thought it was very funny. I quote Shepard Smith as saying "He should settle down, he might have an aneurism".

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    Registered Senior Member
    As O'Reilly puts it, it really looked like he was auditioning for the WWF.

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    Add monocle, and he'd be wunderbar.

    After all the shrub, smirk, curious george, etc jibes, the Steve Bell cartoons, Bush Dyslexicon, maybe the Busheviks need some fun at the expense of this gaggle of Democratic candidates. But it's odd to see the Nazi comparisons so soon after the hoopla, though.

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    Let us not launch the boat ... Tiassa's Avatar
    Actually, Counsler, I caught a syndicated Weekend Update from sometime during the Clinton administration that had a Clink joke in it. ("Huuuuseeeeeiiiin?!?!")

    At any rate, I'm wondering why "Herr" Dean?
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    Registered Senior Member CounslerCoffee's Avatar
    I was refuring to the episode The Last Temtation of Homer. The one in which Homer envisions Colonel Klink as his guardian angel.

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    35 year old virgin
    Oh I don't know. I'm not comparing any of his policies to Hitler, just his demeanor. Big difference. Find me some soundbites of Bush screaming about states and I will continue on your tenuous chain of comparison.

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    Let us not launch the boat ... Tiassa's Avatar
    I remember that one, but I don't think I've seen it lately.

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    Hahaha Dean sounded like a pro wrestler.


    Everything Dean did from his mannersisms to his speech were both lolariffic and scary. The man has a tenuous grasp on his composure and I fear what he would be like in a truly difficult situation.

    I am really trying to keep an open mind on this and my vote is still up in the air but I hate how the Dems frame economic arguments in terms of class warfare. I suppose it resonates with the masses but it really is off-putting.


    EDIT: And the Kucinich guys were a trip:

    "duuuude, we can, like, toooootally pull out of Iraq in 90 days, man. lol, war 4 oil, pass the bong"



    EDIT 2: VVV I would love to see Dean debate with Bush.
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    Let us not launch the boat ... Tiassa's Avatar
    Well, then Bush has company in the ring. Bring 'em on, indeed.

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    Let us not launch the boat ... Tiassa's Avatar

    Steve Benson, Arizona Republic, January 21, 2004

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    To Dean supporters: everyone says that you are too angry; I say that the way this country is being run, we should all be angry.

    Angry that Bush fretted away all the good will & co-operation from the world after 9-11

    Angry that 2 million jobs left the country because of Bush policies

    Angry that Bush cronies get no-bid contracts

    Angry that Bush oil cronies get to decide energy policy

    Angry that Bush is the best president ‘money can buy’, all the money from Halliburton, Enron, etc.

    Angry that Bush got us into a war with lies; where are the WMD? Where is al-Queda? How long are we going to look before we find these elusive WMD?

    And if Bush wins the presidency again, we'll all be angry after he leaves our country, economy, foreign policy & security in a mess.

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