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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete View Post
    Hi Jenyar,
    Are these pencil on cartridge paper?
    How do you do your shading?
    It looks like it's mainly hatching, but do you also use a smudge stick or something?
    I'm a beginner, and experimenting with shading techniques without much satisfaction so far. My best to date is probably the charcoal sketch I posted a little earlier.
    Hey Pete,

    I used 2B/3B pencil on cheap sketching paper. Using better paper might give me cleaner results, but I haven't expermented with it much. I used to smudge and crosshatch on the same drawing, but I'm trying to stop because it breaks the "atmosphere" for me (plus this recently discovered website advises against it). Now I use contoured hatching and a little "colouring in" (with some prestik for making revisions). But I found that a good medium for practising shading is pen. It keeps me from relying on the eraser too much, and forces me to use hard lines with more care. I love coloured soft pastels and charcoal for the freedom and satisfaction they provide, but I haven't used them much.

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    Mr Anonymous
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    Hellenistic polytheist Hapsburg's Avatar
    A portrait done in MS Paint.
    William I, Terran Emperor, c.3012.

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    You just got served. Fafnir665's Avatar
    Hapsburg loses too.

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    Hellenistic polytheist Hapsburg's Avatar
    Well, let's see you do better with only MS Paint.

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    You just got served. Fafnir665's Avatar

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    Jesus talking to angels

    Here is my picture. The theme is Christ. Jesus is talking to birds...I mean angels. Is the contest over?

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    My art on deviantart.

    Return of the astronaut

    Algae beyond deep


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    cd-demo cover

    Hi. This is something I made for local heavy band.
    Here is the final picture...
    I have tryin to attach the raw version of it in this post but
    for some reason it dont upload, filesize is 104kt jpeg ???
    (upload of file failed) No explanation beside that.
    What am I doing wrong ?

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    Registered Senior Member redarmy11's Avatar
    The filesize might be too big. You can post the version on that website by typing the following without spaces:

    [ IMG ][ /IMG ]

    I like it, by the way, it's nice - especially that demonic prisoner. Very good.

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    cd-demo cover

    Thanks redarmy11. I´m really puzzled with attachment thing, I downsized
    the file down to 40kt, try to use scanned picture, then I did take photo of
    the picture and tried to send that file, tried using explorer and mozilla,
    nothing seems to work, frikin computers, I really hate those time to time
    Havent try attach anything for while and it has been working
    well for me for in the past.grrrrrrrrrr.

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    Shake them dice and roll 'em jessiej920's Avatar
    Hopefully this works, if not, sorry....

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    I call it: Algae beyond deep

    color version

    cyan version

    I am in love with river waterplants...everything about them I adore. So I want to reflect that love in art.

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    Save the whales motherfucker sargentlard's Avatar

    Did it at work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sargentlard View Post
    Did it at work.
    So, what exactly were you trying to express in these facial disturbed expressions?

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    solanaceous common tater Spud Emperor's Avatar
    Sargentlard, I really like it.

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    You just got served. Fafnir665's Avatar
    Its a self portrait.

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    Unnecessary Surgeon Dr Lou Natic's Avatar
    God I hate hapsburg's stupid fat soulless characters.
    They oddly confirm beyond a shadow of doubt that hapsburg is a dumb arse and a fuckhead.

    The old saying "a picture says a thousand words" is particularly accurate if you add "about the person who created it".

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