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    Art Institutes are actually kinda spendy.
    I looked into it when I was younger but just didn't have the ability to pay.
    I probably could have worked something out had I the motivation though... I'm really an unmotivated kinda guy. Self-educated in everything I've done.

    I never considered myself an artist except as something to tell people to sound 'cool'. "Yeah. I'm an 'artist'." The thing is that I copy more than anything else. Very little inspiration. I can draw anything, through sheer stubborness. You know? I remember you commenting a long time ago on my guitar playing in some thread or other where I posted links to mp3's of me playing this and that. It's the same thing. I can play the guitar, but I do it through sheer stubborness. I don't think I'm a musician because I don't create through the medium.

    Maybe I could have made something of myself if I'd gone to Art School. At the least I could have been a graphics designer or something. Draftsman. Or who knows what. But, I've always had a problem with authority. A problem with 'being in the world' (oooh). And I guess that I kinda think that even going to school for art is kinda money hungry.

    In other words, I'm all fucked up.
    Nuff said.

    I haven't drawn in years. I lost all my art stuff in a move where I didn't have space for it and just never recovered it. Years and years of drawings, sketches, this and that. Kinda sucks.

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    asleep under the juniper bush whitewolf's Avatar
    Art is taught even at city colleges, often by some good professors. This field is really not about college or grades but about the portfolio. It's easy to get into art schools, too. And it's never too late.
    But, yeah, you have to be excited about it. Stubbornness will get you good grades, but nothing more.

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    Some of you guys are really talented. If anyone would like to work out something for an exchange of a 3D rendering of this image:

    PM me or email

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    Im not sure these are relative at this point, but... My thing is taking sketches and scanning them into my graphics editor to finish. shrugs. I have fun doing that for sure. The one of Dotguy, is a crappy photo of my first and only stipling? project in 8th grade art class. The wheel of life is not my design, but one I copied from The Tibetan book of the Dead (evans-wendst) in highschool, scanned and finished in my late 20s. The last is the more recent and original.

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    wtas the picture represent?

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    A character that I made for my "Dieter Skulsplitter" story. His name is Heinrich Reinhardt, and he is a Teutonic Knight. In this image, he is shown amidst the destruction on a battlefield in 1054, tripumphantly holding the flag of the Order.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Hellenistic polytheist Hapsburg's Avatar

    Ich Hatt' Einen Kameraden.
    Mein Guten Kamerad.

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    You just got served. Fafnir665's Avatar
    Wow over 40k views. Too bad this thread lost its relevance when noone really followed the topic Also, the structure of sciforums changed about a month after the thread was first posted, making it all irrelevant. I guess you all have some... interesting art?

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    Hellenistic polytheist Hapsburg's Avatar
    The Watch on the Rhine:

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    Hellenistic polytheist Hapsburg's Avatar
    Pope Snoopus I, formerly known as Snoop Dog:

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    Save the whales motherfucker sargentlard's Avatar
    <img src= ""/>

    Done in pencil and well...pencil...

    <img src= ""/>

    more pencil...

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    I might want to defend my last picture as being almost a literal depiction of the words in the starter post, but honestly it wasnt my intention in creating it. So what my pictures represent are departures from the original objective or concept behing this thread because I lost my mind temporarily. Well done, too, if i say so myself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Jack4WAR
    wtas the picture represent?

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    Hellenistic polytheist Hapsburg's Avatar
    Dead Samurai

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    You just got served. Fafnir665's Avatar
    Ooooo sargent lard, DRAW ME DRAW ME

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    Save the whales motherfucker sargentlard's Avatar

    The colored version

    The unfinished skin color version....(the original version)

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    Valued Senior Member Facial's Avatar
    Great pics.

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    You just got served. Fafnir665's Avatar
    So whose the girl lardy?

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    You know. When I first saw that picture, I couldn't help but wonder if it wasn't Whitewolf. Sarge and Whitewolf are in the same art school or some such, yes?
    Tits are too big to be Whitewolf though, eh? Although, perhaps with some creative license....
    What up, Sarge? Whitewolf ever pose for you? I'd love to see some tastefully nude shots of her... *leer*

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    Save the whales motherfucker sargentlard's Avatar
    Its me posing for myself nude.

    Lots of slimfast and powerbars to get into that figure.

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    I gotta say, you guys have guts. It would take a loaded bazooka pointed at my head before I'd actually post my own stuff and even then I might balk. I love this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by sargentlard
    Done in pencil and well...pencil

    ... more pencil...

    ok, I am a massive geek at heart and use computers continuously but everything I make starts with a pencil (I like technical pens almost as much). Basically, it's an image on paper.

    So, I was curious if you've tried those graphic tablets (from what I can tell, its a plastic pen and a big mousepad). I doubt I'll ever stop using pen and paper but it'd be handy to be able to draw directly onto my computer rather than scan everything.

    So, have you ever tried them? I'm considering the purchase.

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