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Thread: Are Blacks dumber than the rest of us?

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    Originally posted by Moleculo
    I can find only incomplete references to the article.

    From what I've read it states that despite physical differences between people there is no formula that works across the board to fairly classify peoples into distinct races.

    One can see the latitude for political manipulation if this is indeed true...

    Hey if you know of a link to the actual article it would be helpful.
    Sorry, you need to go to the local library or school on Lexux/Nexus for this article:
    Rensberger, Boyce (1981), “Racial Odyssey,” Science Digest, 89[1]:50-57,134-136, January/February.

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    Thanks Randolfo, I'll check it out.

    It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. -Einstein

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