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    How old is Whatmuscles?

    What do you think? Cris presented us with the suggestion that he's 11 or 12. (Well, I just turned 13 in August, but because most people my age are surprisingly stupid, it's quite possible)

    Then again, perhaps he is older, but just stupid, or maybe he is borderline retarded, or perhaps he is just playing a joke on us?

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    Well, considering he writes in all caps, uses retard-shorthand, and is incapable of understanding even the simplest logic... I'd say he's 43 and smells like cheese.

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    You guys are right, I am so dumb. Gosh, how could I be so stupid. Look at here...

    First of all, how could I dare say that nature is a design? I must be an idiot, look around you...Look at the human anatomy, its pure chaos!!! O my goodness, I am so wrong and the atheists are so right, nature and the circle of life are not ordered, they are dysfunctional!! Albert Einstein is an idiot for believing that earth is order and that God reveals himself in the design of nature. Einstein and me are deluded, and the atheists are very intelligent...

    Second, what was I thinking? What made me think that moral values and virtuous way of life are necessary for civilized gov't. Men, atheists are so right, we dont need moral values, Heck, we dont need virtue, just do what you feel like, do whatever feels good, we dont need no education...

    Third, I am an idiot!! O my god, I never thought of that...To know some means to control and establish something...So God cannot be all knowing...Because if he is, then we dont have freewill because to know something, is to control something...Man...Atheists are so right, "Knowing" means "Controlling", I failed to recognize that before...

    Fourth, I am so so dumb..I mean, how could I say that evolution is a theory? It is not a theory according to the atheists, its a FACT. You dont need evidence that a species changed to another, all you need to do is guess, and that guess is now a FACT...Wow, men Im so dumb, evolution is a FACT, and scientists and scholars, me and others are retarded for thinking its a theory...Atheists are so smart...

    Fifth, I am retarded!! What was I thinking? Atheists never made a claim, I mean sure they said over and over that "God dont exist", but thats not a claim, thats just ummm...you know...c'mon, umm never mind lets skip this part...I was so stupid for thinking that was a claim, what was I thinking..

    Sixxth, therefore God dont exist, because atheists says so..Therefore God is not real...

    I was so so dumb, and atheists are so intelligent...(I am being sarcastic in case you didnt notice it )......

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    I voted myself 7 yrs old..Because I am so dumb compared to the atheists, men they are so intelligent...(I am being sarcastic)...
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    In search of Immortality Cris's Avatar

    I think it is less about chronological age but intellectual age. There have been many young members here who have displayed a mental age decades ahead of their chronological age. Whatsup appears to be the opposite, and it is that attitude that most of us find so irritating. It means that virtually everything he says has no value yet he is unable to comprehend that or the issues.

    Whatsup, in his posts here again demonstrates his childish nature. His inability to penetrate beneath the superficial surface of a subject means that we are either forced to stay at his level of triviality or simply ignore him. Like many who have limited intellect he tends to think he has found all the answers, and has the right to call everyone else stupid because they disagree with him. Contrast that with someone like Einstein, who even in his last days expressed his desire to learn and discover even more. This is called humility – now look at whatsup’s attitude, do you see any humility or a desire to learn?

    His low mental age does mean that any debates with him must remain at the childlike level.

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    "Pfft, Rebel scum!" Thor's Avatar
    I guessed 13-15. Sounds like he's at the begining of puperty, so meh!!

    Right, now to continue the 'whatsupyall bashing'

    You guys are right, I am so dumb. Gosh, how could I be so stupid
    Awww, I forgive you. But the first step into solving your problem is admitting you have one. Good for you

    I kinda skipped the middle section, but it all made sense

    Sixxth, therefore God dont exist, because atheists says so..Therefore God is not real...
    Yes, I'm glad you see its like the 'Therefore God exist, because religion says so..therefore God is real' arguement!!

    But, on the off chance you may be yanking our cranks Whatsupyall, you should open your eyes once in a while and just make up your mind

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    Aww that's so sad yet nostalgic..sniff...reminds me of my own puberty and my hotblooded outbursts...snifff...I hope you grow up, whatmuscles...

    *breaks down and buries face in hanky*

    There is no god, afterlife or divine love. There is only Entropy, the mother from which we were all born. She tugs our souls with the beautiful, maternal love of chaos. Why do you keep Her waiting?

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    "Pfft, Rebel scum!" Thor's Avatar
    awwww, there there *pats Zero on the back*

    Does someone want a hug?? *hugs Zero*

    Reminds me of my youth *tear flows down his cheek*


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