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Thread: The Original Borg

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    The Original Borg

    From my feelings on the matter I recall when Q sent the enterprise to it's first encounter with the Borg. The entire reason it was so frightening and strange is because they weren't individuals, and they had no concept of the idea. From all appearances it was merely a giant CUBE made of advanced tech and it was alive. Infact if you recall when it spoke at first it seemed to be the SHIP speaking, not anything else. The collective gave the ship it's own intelligence and mind, that's the impression I got from the first encounter. I've heard it said the Borg evolve so naturally will change, but I feel their core existence was based on not being individuals. This changes later but is not something I think was intended when they were written in originally.

    All impressions I got from the Borg encounters in TNG were that the ship was ALIVE because of the collective onboard, and it thought rather than the people. It spoke as one voice but not as many individuals, instead as a sentient ship.

    Well anyways that's my take on the Borg. I felt later they changed the concept to humanize it more, so people would understand and relate better. But the reason it was so scary at first was due to the ship thinking and not the people in it. Later the borg became misinterpreted as a hive mind but really the ship used their minds to gain sentience and spread it's technology etc. There is an element of technology in the hive mind, so really it's just a sentient ship. Anyways bye everyone, oh and yea sentient ships could link together to create a collective but it would be vastly different than the one that exists in Voyager which is humanized and made to be rather silly. There simply are no individuals on a BORG ship because the ship wouldn't need one, it thinks for itself.

    Anyway bye

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    Also I found it hard to believe the dramatic change they did with species 8472 I mean you saw their bioships right? They had no reason to retreat when they could destroy entire planets with 5 ships! They could blow the borg cubes to hell before they even got close enough to fire any of the pathetic nano-weapons. And let me tell you something else, the aliens in fluidic space were supposedly alone, living in their universe alone, so they'd have already achieved PERFECTION! LOL The borg would want to achieve something that already occurred ahahaha LOL Its all just so fucking stupid omg, but yea so seriously they would never have stopped blowing Borgs to bits seriously.

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    The Borg queen herself has a response for you:

    DATA: Who are you?
    BORG QUEEN: I am the Borg.
    DATA: That is a contradiction. The Borg have a collective consciousness. There are no individuals.
    BORG QUEEN: I am the beginning, the end, the one who is many.
    BORG QUEEN: I am the Borg.
    DATA: Greetings. ...I am curious, do you control the Borg collective?
    BORG QUEEN: You imply disparity where none exists. I am the collective.
    From Star Trek: First Contact

    They Borg are, and always have been, a hive mind. The queen is simply an avatar, or perhaps more accurately, a communication protocol.


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