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Thread: FTP programs which support ssh keys (Mac and perhaps Linux)

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    FTP programs which support ssh keys (Mac and perhaps Linux)

    I'm after some sort of FTP file manager program which allows me to log into a server using an ssh key rather than a password. Obviously I could set the server to accept passwords too but that's a security exploit path I don't want to leave open. Anyone got any recommendations? If a Linux one is known (or one with both Mac and Linux implementations) then I'd be interested in hearing about it too. Thanks

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    You really want SFTP. I rarely use GUI, but gFTP has always been reliable when I want it, available on just about every platform.

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    PuTTy is an older SSH client, you'd need the PSFTP download for secure FTP.

    The main idea behind SFTP is to use the Secure Tunnel that Secure Shell uses for the FTP, this usually means creating the tunnel through a SSH client-server pairing with a user account registered to the server, then initiating the FTP from within the tunnel. This means the password can be in a standard password format however it's never seen as "plaintext" via potential third-parties since the tunnels are meant to create Point-to-Point encryption which uses session created algorithms to reduce chances of captured packets allowing for the encryption cracked over multiple sessions.

    Just creating a SSH key instead of a password and using plain FTP protocols for transfer wouldn't make the FTP server any more secure.

    You could also look for FTPS (That's FTP over a SSL connection)
    SSL is usually seen implemented as HTTPS, where-by a paired session key is created when a site is accessed via a client and the browser deals with creating a cryptographic tunnel, again to obfuscate any "plaintext" information shared between the client and server.

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    Turns out secure copy can do it in the command line. I was wondering about a client because I didn't know how to copy from another computer using the command line but that's how you do it, it sorts out the key hand shake like a normal log in procedure would. Command line also makes it easier to script up some stuff I need to do. Thanks

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    Ah. If you can use SCP you can probably use Rsync .


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