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Thread: Do onboard HHO generators work if they supplement a diesel or gas engine?

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    Do onboard HHO generators work if they supplement a diesel or gas engine?

    What is going on when the HHO enters the combustion chamber? Is it cleaning the engine?

    What would be the mechanical explanation for an HHO system if it is succesful in an internal combustion engine?

    PS - actual numbers and formulas are really useful in your explanation of why this does or doesn't work.

    Keep in mind that this is not an over unity claim. I understand that more energy can nt come out. However, in a diesel engine only about 50% of the fuel is used. Is there a way that the hydrogen helps the diesel burn more efficiently? Even if there is a loss in the hydrogen production, is it possible that there would be an increase in combustion by combing HHO with the diesel?

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