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    DarkSidZz come to Mammoth Lakes, CA, I will find u a job.

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    Fixin' Shit that Ain't Broke MacGyver1968's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kira View Post
    Ya...String knows his shit.

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    You can do gay porn. They will pay for it too.

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    I just applied to alot of jobs, we'll see

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    If your Irish, don't tell them that your Irish! They'll never hire you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by darksidZz View Post
    I just applied to alot of jobs, we'll see
    Did you look into driving a cab?

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    The US Army is recruiting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacGyver1968 View Post
    Talk to a temp company. Working as a temp sucks, but the agency can usually find you some job to get the money rolling in until you can find something better.
    smart advice. If you don't like the job they find you, you can quit and they will find you another one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darksidZz View Post
    I'd just get sued for something

    I"ll take a job, as long as it' snot Security I'll keep you updated
    What sort of Security did you used to do? Walk around a building all night with a flashlight or work as a doorman? Don't you need a security license to do that sort of work?
    My suggestion is go to your local Job network if your claiming unemployment benefits and apply to do a short course in something, the job network will pay for the course (They do in Australia) within reason.
    These courses are usually short, usually from a day to a week, you can get a forklift license in one or two days and become qualified for this sort of work, or get a truckers license.
    Or you can apply to do a technical course that will lead on to a job; you can claim a student allowance while you do this course.
    One course that leads to a good paying job is rigging, that is setting up scaffolding on building sites, it can however be dangerous, that’s why it pays so well and there such a demand for it.
    I hope I’ve given you some ideas, I don’t know how these things work overseas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darksidZz View Post
    I need one now can you help me by telling me where to apply and how, I'm bad at finding jobs and have just been using,, CalJobs. I don't go out looking because I feel it's pointless to aimlessly wander around asking, what do you think? I really have no degree I did data entry for awhile and security but I would be afraid to work in security since it would cause me to worry badly. I applied to alot so far but I feel like it's hopeless. Need a job by end of March.

    Wanna help me with resume :?

    I write them for a living. Well. . . now I mostly just READ them for a living. PM me your email address. I'll give you some pointers.

    I started a thread about this a while back. . . guess you could just dig it up.


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    Car wash

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    park cars

    gas pumpasisst

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    i would love to park cars

    gas pumpasssist, (nevermind)
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    Clowning. That would be a last resort.

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    Telephone salesman assistant.

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    BAR tender

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