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    1. Heathen Duke
      Heathen Duke
      their homeland? it's the Palestinians homeland. what evidence do these "Israelites" have to prove they are the real Israelites, anyway, and not just Khazarian Turks, etc. that claim the title?

      and anyway, Zionism has become extreme nationalism without respect for other 'tribes'. if any other people or 'tribe' did similar things to preserve themselves the whole world would be screaming. National Socialism, for example, was Nordicism and Germanic preservation. meanwhile, Israeli nationalists send tons of cash to political puppets and propaganda outlets in the US and other countries that aim to weaken and enslave our population.
    2. kwhilborn
      Thanks for the link. It is now a waiting game though. This thread has been active for many months and information comes slowly. Most information is coming from other sources than Andrea Rossi, as he is a poor source of information with a bad business model. If it was not for NASA and other sources I would probably doubt his claim.

      I do follow ecatnews and ecatworld and defkalion websites almost daily. Anything in the forum you linked is fun conversation, but already known (from what I see).

      Thanks for the link however
    3. Bowser
      I had to do a little research on the word "Zionism." I'm not certain that I have a problem with the concept after reading several sources. It seems to be an effort to preserve a culture--in a nutshell. Though I can see where this might lead to extremes, I can understand the desire to hold onto one's heritage. The desire to return to a homeland is understandable, too.
    4. scheherazade
      Thank you for your kind words, Esotericist.
    5. scheherazade
      My sympathies to those of you who live in communities that only have a Wal-mart and no Meijer. . .

      (Meijer is 24hr, 364 days a year.)


      I would be delighted if there was such a store within even a few hundred miles of the Yukon. It would be worth the trip to see the Amish crafts and leather work.

      Greetings to you, Esotericist.

      A 'Lightworker' are you? And is 1111 significant to you?

      Kind regards,

    6. Giambattista
      You're right, your latest post in the BL thread. Topics like that... you're dealing with rather hardcore psychophants in some cases.
    7. cluelusshusbund
    8. Giambattista
      Oui. Only occasionally.
      ... for the sin of being a curious human who seeks a semblance of truth? Or petty squabbling?
    9. Tiassa
      I hope I haven't suggested such in recent days. If I have posted such an implication, I'll be happy to explore it in depth to figure out what it means, but ... well, okay, I must have missed something.
    10. Brian Foley
      Brian Foley
      Good posts cheers
    11. Giambattista
      Well, it's about time. You've been gone a while. I appreciate your candor.

      Much love,
      Lizard Mum
    12. S.A.M.
    13. Giambattista
      Hi. This is your first visitor message.
      You are kind of interesting.
      Be well, and stay sharp!
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