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Feb 24, 2014
Oct 23, 2001
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Mar 13, 1972 (Age: 42)
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Qld, Australia
Dad, Med student

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It's not rocket surgery, 42, from Qld, Australia

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Feb 24, 2014
    1. Soz
      May you see this and allow a pardon?
    2. Soz
      Hi pete, I am sorry, I made those comments before I saw your warning; I did see the warning but it wasn't until I made the comments. I whole-heartedly apologize!
    3. aaqucnaona
    4. RJBeery
      Pete, I'm curious to see the debate on the appearance of Doppler shifting. I would start a thread on it but I didn't want to "steal your thunder" if you and Tach planned on setting up a formal duel. If you don't hear from him please start an open thread to discuss or let me know to do it.
    5. prometheus
      Hi Pete.

      Thanks for the advice. I was wondering about the alpha rules, and actually trying to resurrect them mostly because cptbork's thread about Maxwell's equations. In the light of your comments maybe something different would be in order, perhaps a stickied index of "good" physics and maths threads? Another one I would put in there would be rpenner's LHC thread.

      I hear you regarding the tex thread. I will go and sticky it now. :)
    6. kira
      Heiya! I haven't checked the thread back (the outbreak), a bit occupied with some stuffs >_<. I'll give it to Bells ^^v Take care!
    7. Read-Only
      Hi, Pete, :)

      Actually, I see no reason to continue in that thread. Both sides are standing firm on their positions - I know I am - and I don't see *any* possibility of breaking the stalemate.

      As to Asguard and me, there's no real "history" behind my total disgust for him. Just that ever since I've been here (years, now), he's shown himself again and again to not be able to think past his nose. Frankly put, he's ignorant, refuses to learn, always badmouthing the U.S.A (rather than making any effort to clean up his OWN back yard - basically an idiot in my opinion. I've also come to believe that he has some minor yet real mental problems. And about the time he started that repulsive thread about "raping children" and TOTALLY misrepresenting what Bells and i said - to the point of actually LYING about it, I've chosen to just ignore anything he says. I want nothing more to do with him for *any* reason.
    8. AlexG
      There's no way you will ever get MD to realize or acknowledge reality. However, you might have better luck with Emil.
    9. scifes
      lol, liked your snotwuh..
    10. cluelusshusbund
      Guess what this is... its a Tardigrade-water bear :-)
    11. RJBeery
      Well after I resolved Jack's "paradox" the discussion got thrown into Pseudoscience. Maybe I'm paranoid but I felt like something was taken away from me. Anyway keep up the good work
    12. RJBeery
      I've been reading Jack's post about SR and clock syncs possibly voiding LT and I just wanted to comment that you really should be moderator on this forum. It has more to do with your maturity than your knowledge (although when you do make a post it is usually correct). Your attitude is more in line with what I believe a science forum's moderator should be.

      As an aside, a post being wrong is NOT a reason to throw it into pseudoscience or the cesspool, and I believe the current moderator does just that - if he is personally involved in a thread he is quick to pull the trigger...I wish there was a moderator voting feature.
    13. S.A.M.
      Thanks long overdue I think

      Amazing how the Jekyll and Hyde creeps up on you
    14. RJBeery
      Purely curious question. When my email notification that you had replied to the "This person has a degree in math" thread arrived, the text quoted in my email as your entry is not exactly what appears as your entry in the thread itself. I'm just wondering if you know why that is? Your entry on the thread does not show that you edited the message...
    15. Orleander
      Pete??? Why did you ask me to be your friend? I don't want to be your pity friend. LOL
      Its cuz....
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    Mar 13, 1972 (Age: 42)
    Home Page:
    Qld, Australia
    Dad, Med student
    Once studied engineering. Once repaired PCs and printers for a living. Failed at IT management, then lectured in Business Information Systems (go figure). Now studying medicine, due to graduate end 2013.

    Physics, Astronomy, Undergrad/highschool maths, Balloon animals, sketching, electronics, teaching, moral philosophy, decision making, home maintenance, photography, programming, procrastination...



    The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong - but that is the way to bet it.
    ---Damon Runyon