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Jun 17, 2014
    1. tomfowler92
      Just read your reply on the discussion board about the existence and use of Chi. It's a shame the site has no like or plus button, as i found your comment the most rational, logical and actually helped me to develop my own opinion on Chi. So thanks.
    2. scheherazade
      "'Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.
      Nothing ain't worth nothing, but it's free...."
    3. princelove
      Thanks iam fine

      I want to learn English better.
    4. princelove

      Hello how are you ?
    5. Pandaemoni
      A competitive market is one that this free of what economists call "market power" by individual market actors (like monopolists) and other market imperfections. Competitive markets (aka a market with "perfect competition") are the economic ideal--one with many small firms producing homogeneous goods, whereas a free market is just a market that is free of government regulation. A lack of proper regulation can be the death of a perfect market in contexts where market power moves the equillibrium away from the competitive ideal.

      As for freedom versus happiness (utility), would you rather be happy and unfree or unhappy but free? Freedom is a good to the extent it makes me happy to be free, but it is not the only source of satisfaction. If I can make myself happier and maintain my level of freedom, of course that is worth doing and Pareto optimal...but as soon as I trade off any happiness to defend freedom, I have to ask what the point of being free is if not to make one happy?
    6. Norsefire
      "Competitive markets", what does that mean? And does that not mean that you value utility more than freedom if you say you value 'competitive markets' over 'free markets'?
    7. Norsefire
    8. lane8302
      thanks i really apreciate it
    9. Pandaemoni
      I am afraod I do not know where you could find it. The best bet would be to see if it can be downloaded as a torrent. Try
    10. lane8302
      that was the tv show thanks i coudnt think of it for the life of me i have one more question do you know where i could go and actually watch it i tried a few sites but none have been able to show me alot
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