Mar 18, 2011
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    1. Engell79
      Hi Onlyme.
      I was looking at my message history and came to see that u were actually the person that helped me out wen i started having the idea of whanting to understand more about the standard model and string theory and such...
      your web links actually led me to a Danish evening course, were they teach ppl the math of astoronomy and the std. model for amature entushiastss.

      To thx for your kind response back then!. (sorry for my spelling.)
    2. Robittybob1
      your views are most helpful. Please keep an eye on my thread regarding the Ram Jet. Any thoughts on how after combustion the gases expand and get hot? What is the order of events in combustion?

    3. Dale
      A promising link confirming negative charge on our sun:

      I will keep hunting for more, but stuff that I noodled out with 6 decades of heavy hitting experience in electronics might be a decent match for someone else's discoveries unless the other guy is just smarter. I am the guy that could tweaked the Safeguard System A/D converter. Took me 2 weeks. I don't usually speak up unless I have something "they" don't seem to know that I wish to leave behind before I am gone. Not looking for a dime. NSF and NASA resent any attempt to tell them something. Your forum and your indulgence brings hope of laying my eggs. Thanks for caring.

      When a whole load of theory really seems to stack up it builds up a level of confidence.
    4. RJBeery
      Got it! That's a fair statement, my confusion came in because you didn't seem to be the type to use sarcasm so I thought you were being sincere about someone that I consider to be quite lacking in certain areas... :)
    5. OnlyMe
      I would suggest that we don't fully understand what is happening at a fundamental level. We cannot really explain mass, Inertia or gravity. The rest was an underhanded way of saying that in Tach's mind he is the only one who understands anything.
    6. RJBeery
      Hi OnlyMe! You seem to make some well-reasoned posts, thanks for your contributions. I have to admit, though, that I'm confounded by this statement from the Twin Paradox thread: "I am fairly certain that no one, except perhaps Tach, understands the whole picture and relationship between velocity, acceleration, gravitation and time dilation effects." Did you mean that how I'm reading it?
    7. Engell79
      Hi just whanted to say thx for all.. can't PM yet since im below posting rate for that.
    8. Engell79
      so if u can give me any suggestions, id be very very greatfull
    9. Engell79
      hey only...
      Well let me start by explaning abit, and then u may understand what im looking for better.
      i have no problem reading english papers if they intrest me enoughf, i'll just ally my self with one of my 10 english dictionarys... 2 of them with sicence expressions only lol...
      I became very intrestet in psycis (string theroy) about 5 years ago...(im no sicencetest.)So i began reading.
      I love reading about all these theorys thoug i must admit i hardly understand much of the math behind it.
      so what i guess im really looking for, is a way to get startet mathematicaly.
      havent really been abel to find any books, thats a "beginners guide to quantum/relativity psycis." prolly cuz i dont really know what to look for. Beén reading many wiki articles, but often find my self stuck on the equations, cuz i dont understand their symbols/akronyms.Ive found a few books, but sadly found they were ment for school kids, and the "math" in them was not much worth.
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    Southern California
    Studied physics in the late '60s, pursued other things in life.

    Theoretical physics, cultural anthropology, psychology and philosophy