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under a rock
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Oct 23, 2014 at 2:45 AM
    1. NMSquirrel
    2. R1D2
      Happy Easter!!
    3. R1D2
      God aint in no box! stumbled on ya. Don't know what Theists mean particulaly guess schools don't teach some things any more. But I am interested in ur group I will try joining up. An I dnk what I am doing I fell b-hind on the times I am aprox 28 an used both snail mail E mail an text that's it trying my hand at something way new here glad there's godly people everywhere L8R -R1D2
    4. garbonzo
      Are you a Bible Student?
    5. Gremmie
      Hiya NMS...Just wanted to wish you, Christa, and the little one, a very Happy New Year..

      There will be no 2013, so, try to enjoy every day of this coming year...LOL
    6. Dywyddyr
      I realised that (eventually). No, I've used it on and off for years. But it is useful.
    7. Dywyddyr
      Er, okay. Which word were you talking about?
    8. Dywyddyr
    9. Dywyddyr
    10. Arioch
      Just a quick question. I got an invite to your new group, Theists for God, and this made me curious. What made me curious is that I, an atheist who is almost rabidly anticlerical, received an invite for a strictly theistic group. I'm not sure if it was you or the other member who sent the invite, but I must respectfully decline. Not only would I only serve as a nuisance to your group, but I respect your right to seek out a place where you can converse with likeminded individuals.
    11. Orleander
      thank you for your kind post about how I rasied my son. And I only freak about my daughter asking because...well, I'm not that knowledgable, adn I don't want her to blindly seek her way (if she is gay, which I don't think she is)
    12. NMSquirrel
      sorry..wanted to remember those words..
    13. NMSquirrel
      I would recommend rewriting that, since "related to" can refer to correlation, and (presumably) what you're looking for is causation.

      The fallacy of correlation is, perhaps, not the most common fallacy, but it is arguably the most insidious since many experiments are not designed to distinguish correlation from causation.
    14. cluelusshusbund
      I had my 12x60 moved about 38 years ago... about all we did was tie the kithen cabnit doors together to keep anythang spillin out... an taped the refridgrator door closed... an prolly layed nick-nacks on the carpet... but it was no big deal... nuthin was damaged.!!!
    15. George1
      would you mind examining my prof from Star Wars vs Star Trek and Kittamaru's claims? please?
    16. Saquist
      I think the red on his post are his replies to Ricery. Some people do this to make a complete parenthetical reply.
    17. Stray Dog5
      Stray Dog5
      iow...... Duck whats that Nm? Your new catch phrase?
    18. cluelusshusbund
      Can you still not see the pitchers i post (shows broken link).???
    19. *~PriNcesS~*
      then the world would become a Goo-fury-Globe lmao you got me on that ! it did take me a minute to put it together !
    20. *~PriNcesS~*
      I like what you have under your nickname "God is not inside the box" how insightful, beautiful simple and true :X everytime I see your nickname it makes me smile :) it makes me feel not being the only one think like this. Thank you
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    Ex-Contractor (economy killed me)

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