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Sep 2, 2014
Jun 13, 2003
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medicine, writing, teacher of wisdom

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Jesus: Mythstory--Not History!, from Earth

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Sep 2, 2014
    1. TheHun
      Love that post concerning Inuit fashion. LOL
    2. Medicine*Woman
      Thanks for your well wishes for the New Year. Same to you!
    3. Gremmie
      Happy New Year, M*W...

      Hope you have a happy 2012....(Since there isn't supposed to be a 2013) :-)
    4. Medicine*Woman
      I don't know what you're talking about. What is this in reference to? I don't recall ever mentioning your name.

      ~ M*W
    5. Saquist
      Medicine Woman you've no idea what you're talking about. There is only one Saquist on the internet and that's me. The name means "to be in error". "It's pronounced (Say'kwist). I've been here a long time and I've never been anyone else. As for my position I'm the only person in the world qualified to comment on it accurately.
    6. Medicine*Woman
      I'm an atheist, but I don't have hate. In fact, I've got friends both theist and atheist, and I care deeply for them. Being an atheist doesn't automatically make me a cold hearted person! I do have feelings and I care about my fellow human beings, I just don't believe in any god or religion. My theist friends say, "...but you're such a nice person!" Well, where does it say that atheists have to be mean people? It's a stereotype, that's all.


      ~ M*W
    7. scifes
      gee thanks, i actually thought you were ignoring me or something, cuz i didn't get a reply on my page, i've just read your reply now that i thought of asking about you again.

      i thought you made a mistake by adding me, one you discovered later on and had the delicacy not to fix:D... reading through your older posts you seem to dislike theists who take their religion too seriously, which was contrary to how i might've appeared in my first days here[which where you added me], then when i contrasted my posts then to my later ones, i found myself fitting exactly the type you hate, which really saddened me, as your friend request was one of the first i got over here, and definitly the first from an atheist, so it really mattered much for me.

      glad to hear you're doing good, and i've started to know what you mean by the same stuff repeating itself, but i indulge every now and then:D

      wish you luck.
    8. Medicine*Woman
      Hey scifes,

      Thanks for asking. Yes I'm doing fine. My leg injury finally healed and I'm getting around fine. That was the most difficult injury, since I couldn't get around very well, and it was very painful!

      I haven't been writing on sciforums that much lately, but I've been on there reading. Sometimes I just feel like, blah, blah, blah, why even comment on anything??? Same 'ol, same 'ol stuff.

      Good to hear from ya!

      Take care!

      ~ M*W
    9. scifes
      scifes doing well?
    10. TheVisitor
      Do any of us really have the courage to face the truth?...Good point.
      Many cultures have some truth, but it's such an individual affair I don't think it's ever given to cultures or groups.
      We may not figure it all out but if we can each find the courage to keep trying, I think we'll get what we need.
      Good Luck.
    11. Chriatian Grail
      Chriatian Grail
      Yeah, I've done that now, hopefully, and put some screen prints in there for your info and the users profile on fb.
    12. Medicine*Woman
      Can you email me at

    13. Chriatian Grail
      Chriatian Grail
      No probs, if you pm me I'll post them to you, as I'm a new user, (who'se misspelt his own user name) I haven't been granted that privilege yet
    14. Medicine*Woman
      Thanks for letting me know. I would like the user info. Thanks. Kristin
    15. Chriatian Grail
      Chriatian Grail
      Sorry for intruding but there's a user on facebook who's using your work and passing it off as his own. If you'd like the user info or don't really mind let me know.

      I just thought you'd like to know as this person has been trying to bully and intimidate people with your work. As an academic myself I know I'd be annoyed if someone did that!

      Once again sorry to intrude
    16. Fraggle Rocker
      Fraggle Rocker
      Don't let me stifle anything. I'm just trying to provide a different perspective. It's all in the service of enlightenment.
    17. Fraggle Rocker
      Fraggle Rocker
      Sorry, I don't mean to shut down anybody's threads, unless you mean merely "damp down." I think it's important to both the anti- and pro-religion factions to consider the strong possibility that supernaturalism is an instinctive belief or set of beliefs. To the anti's it sends the message that it's not just a bunch of bullshit that somebody invented, it's already inside us, not something that can be defeated by mere logical argument any more than our urge to procreate. And to the pro's it sends the message that although religion may, therefore, be natural, that no more guarantees respect for it in a post-Stone Age society than other natural instincts like covering the landscape with trash or killing the members of rival tribes.
    18. Medicine*Woman
      M*W: Show me where you will find, in any authortative history book, the actual birth, death and resurrection of a JC that can be proven. (Using the bible itself is not allowed). You need to do some serious reading. I'm afraid you're out of your league. You're embarassing yourself. Please use proper English to defend your position:

      1. ignorence is spelled ignorance
      2. weather is fine if you're talking about rain, but if you're discussing options, the word is whether.

      Learn basic English. If your mother tongue isn't English, I will make some concessions on your brutality on my mother tongue, but if your native language is English, get back to me when you ask a question properly.

      You need to read about the other 16 gods (yes, there are way more) who were born of virgins, crucified, died and were buried, rose again and ascended into heaven... and Jesus just copied them. For now, my friend, you've got a lot of reading to do.

    19. Anarcho Union
      Anarcho Union
      id like to point out something "Jesus: Mythstory--Not History!" is untrue and shows your ignorence hands down. Weather you believe that Jesus was of supernatural origin or that he was the Son of God is your belief. But there is no doubt or question that he was born and lived
    20. Medicine*Woman
      m*w: ---
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