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Oct 31, 2013
Jan 14, 2007
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The Emerald City
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Shake them dice and roll 'em, from The Emerald City

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Oct 31, 2013
    1. ScaryMonster
      Yo Jessie you need to delete some of your stored private messages, I can’t send you anymore PM’s! I guess you must be popular?
    2. Omega133
      Hey, sorry I haven't been online recently. My internet was being stubborn. What's new?
    3. Omega133
      I posted one of my works in the poem thread.
    4. Omega133
      Yeah I get that sometimes. It's 2 am here so i'm going to get to bed. See ya.
    5. Anarcho Union
      Anarcho Union
      Changing society. Freeing the world :)
      I am a Social-Anarchist. I believe that hierarchy is destroying the possiblty of the human mind working at its full potential, and that things like capitalism cause hierachycs. You will have to forgive my spelling, it just sucks lol.
      Ill send you and invite
      Oh, and btw, if you want to learn in extream detail what I believe in, visit and visit the FAQ section
    6. Omega133
      I've actually been writing too. Trying to write a script for a movie with one of my friends.
    7. Anarcho Union
      Anarcho Union
      lol yeah it can be sometimes
      hmm, odd way to start off getting to know someone, but do you happen to be a socialist or anarchist? And when i say socialism, I do not mean State or Democratic Socialist (Such as the USSR or Marxism.) I mean rejection of Capitalism or and other econamic system that restrcis freedoms.
      The reason I ask is I have some new social groups I made and noone will join lol
    8. Omega133
      Hey, remember me? The one who failed in the Poem Thread. lol How have you been?
    9. Anarcho Union
      Anarcho Union
      Hey, whats up?
      Im Psycho Bound.... and Im bored aswell lol. But dont worry, its just slow right now
    10. ScaryMonster
      Happy Birthday Jessie! I guess it was sometime this month!
    11. ScaryMonster
      What's up Jessie?
    12. ScaryMonster
      What Up -What up Jessie =) I’m in the middle of moving house. Right now as I write this I'm sitting in a room with all my stuff in boxes!
      Tomorrow I'm going to sign the lease and pick up the keys and be in the new house by Friday. I think we’re one day ahead of you so that will be on your Thursday.
      It’s a nice house with a good yard for my last remaining old dog to sun bake in, much more livable then this artist studio monstrosity I'm siting in now.
      So forgive my absence and I promise that from now on I’ll available for your enjoyment and edification.
      OOXX Scary.
    13. draqon
      Hey Jessie, how's it going with life and all that jazz? I aint no more in Seattle, had it with rains. Wish you luck.
      You know your pretty, so don't let anyone get you down.
    14. ScaryMonster
      Me Poem Too! In Thread
    15. visceral_instinct
      I'm ok. :)

      Any news?
    16. visceral_instinct
      Heyyyy! How are you?
    17. ScaryMonster
      Have a look at some of the poems I posted to the poetry thread; I didn’t send them to you because I didn’t want to inundate your mailbox with stuff.
      I’d value your opinion, also I entered in some poetry competitions there free and you can win money, ill send you the link!
    18. ScaryMonster
    19. ScaryMonster
      Hi Jessie =)

      "That sunny dome ! those caves of ice !
      And all who heard should see them there,
      And all should cry, Beware ! Beware !
      His flashing eyes, his floating hair !
      Weave a circle round him thrice,
      And close your eyes with holy dread,
      For he on honey-dew hath fed,
      And drunk the milk of Paradise."

    20. cluelusshusbund

      Ha.!!!... it was YOU who had practicaly ripped MY head off which led to you'r posts bein deleted... but all is forgivin... now that we are frinds... eh:-)
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    Writing and working on my novel, contemplating the complexities of life, studying the occult, dreaming, and planning grand adventures that I will one day carry out