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Sep 10, 2013
Aug 2, 2003
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Melbourne, Australia
Formally an academic scientist, now a government r

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Hercules Rockefeller

voltage gated ion channel, from Melbourne, Australia

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Sep 10, 2013
    1. Maks1
      Thanks HR.
    2. Maks1
      Hi HR.

      I have to post 20 posts to be able to PM you.

      I want to get in touch with that jackell dude, plz

    3. Maks1
      Hey Rockefeller
      Would you pm me plz?
    4. M. Helsdon
      M. Helsdon

      Can you please perm close/ban my account. Please leave my posts and thread though it may lead to an interesting debate. Sadly users are not interested in reading the papers I have cited, they are going as far to call the scientists who I have cited "hacks" and "cranks" this is all very strange to see considering they are professional scientists published in decent peer reviewed journals, I worked as a student under Eugene Koonin. The forum is not for me and it seems some users let their emotions get in the way instead of looking at the evidence. Thanks.

      Helsdon. No confirmation needed, please perm close my account.
    5. garbonzo
      Why was Reiku banned?
    6. Asguard
      Hey, know you were asked to close that thread but I wish you hadn't. Its actually a question I wanted the answer to myself because my partner and I have just started trying for kids and 4 days after we started she got quite nauseous and had bad cramping
    7. shatina
      Hello, I found your info on this message board and am looking for help regarding a clinical study I was involved in. US. I was part of a study for a dermal filler that went really wrong. The dr.s as well as the participants were deceived as to the composition of the filler. What turned out to be a calcium product w? carpabol 974 in it was supposed to be a hyaluronic based filler. The statute of limitations has passed but the dr. are offering no help. I have had hard lumps in my nasolabial folds for 2.5yrs, The problem seems to be w/ the carpabol974, of the 200 participants none has had it dissipate. I am wondering if it will ever dissolve due the environment in which it is in. I understand that it works well for slow release drugs but there are no acids in the face. I think my only option is to have it excised, but curious if there is another way to dissolve it. Thank you Suzanne
    8. yaracuy
      I like to add some possibility for a compromise on evolution.
      a) B.B. have taken place 13.7 b.y.
      b) Our earth is 4.5 b.y.
      c) There could have been other solar systems were life existed with in 13.7-4.5 years
      and those living beings evolved beyond what we are now, and they developed on how to move in space with a different body then ours .
      d) So this foreign space traveler brought in life in form of unicellular organism into our planet at the time the earth was cooler
      e) Then live evolved into what we are now.
      The problem of creation and evolution is that we don't know what happen between B.B. and the earth formation.
    9. river-wind
      RE: Denial of Evolution - I do have a reply to Saquist regarding his thought that one creature reforming itself into another would be evidence against microevolution I'd like to make, but you're correct that we've had nearly a few pages of off-topic conversation now.

      Perhaps a new Denial of Evolution thread (IV), starting w/ repost of the first few posts from the first Denial of Evo thread(including the post where I "answered" many of the common arguments), and I would address Saquist's point there?
    10. cluelusshusbund
    11. Blindman
      PS just upload to my album two perlimary images from my software. These are realtime 3d projections of sample...
    12. Blindman
      Hi Rockefeller. Love your microscope images. I recently purchased a monocular microscope with a digital camera mount.. Iam having lots of fun investigating the very small. Because of the very small depth of field of the sample I created a app that would sample images as I moved the focus and then composite only the sharp (high frequency) parts of the images to help increase the depth of field. I then noticed that I was extracting slices of the sample and am now in the process of visualizing the 3d data.

      I am able to create 3d models of my samples (only static samples). I was just wondering if you know if you know if anyone is doing this type of processing.
    13. Hercules Rockefeller
      Hercules Rockefeller
      Yes, I believe it is (although I've never read it myself). Well spotted.
    14. Challenger78
      Out of curiosity.. Is the Centrifugal Bumble Puppy mentioned in Brave new World by Aldous Huxely ?
    15. Hercules Rockefeller
      Hercules Rockefeller
      Can’t say for sure as she was a stray that we took in. She’s just a 'plain' DSH, but a very photogenic one IMO.
    16. Naturelles
      Love your cat!! :D

      Mind telling me which breed it is?
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    Melbourne, Australia
    Formally an academic scientist, now a government r
    Research scientist in the biological sciences. My background is in genetics, developmental biology, neurobiology.

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