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Oct 12, 2014
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Feb 1, 1956 (Age: 58)
Scunthorpe, UK

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Penguinaciously duckalicious., 58, from Scunthorpe, UK

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Oct 12, 2014
    1. Bells
      Wow really? Who told you that?
    2. Bells
      In the meantime, I was perusing the science forum the other day and noticed your name, surely that is you and not an imposter who has somehow or other managed to use the exact same name that I still cannot pronounce?

      One day I will post there. But I suspect that my being such a lefty will probably result in a swift ban. One of the mods there looks to be so strict about anyone who disagrees with his political viewpoint that he just seems to ban, from the looks of it, anyway. One day.. maybe!
    3. Bells
      I know. And one day I will. When I am ready to talk about it again. :)
    4. Bells
      As for me. Some bad things happened and it is hard for me to talk about it, to be honest. I was so soundly abused in this place the last time I tried to speak about it that I have come to the realisation that it is better if I never do again, especially within the confines of this place. The sick and twisted people on this site and the things they said and did.. There are many puerile people here who take great pleasure in the pain of others and who enjoy making fun and laughing at the pain of others, so much so that they started a Group to do it in. So I'll just say that I'm fine and give them nothing to work with. :)

      So, I am fine!

      And really glad you're back. *Hugs*..
    5. Bells
      Depression. Insidious disease. If I believed in souls, I would say it's soul destroying. I found I also dropped a lot of 'hobbies' and I personally found that focusing on the ones that really mattered to me helped me. Like you, reading was the keeper. And sketching. We are looking at putting up some closed shelves in the garage. Before my hobby comes back to bite me on the backside the books explode out of the bookshelves bulging and groaning bookshelves and someone loses an eye. I think it's great that you are able to get out a bit more now and gaining some control over it. You should see if you can find a job in literature, to be honest. It's what you love and you are so into it.

      As for the cancer. It is probably the best thing to be rejected by, since it is hardly something alluring and offering to give you a good time. It is not the thing you want to have a lingering affection for you. I'm really glad to see you back and better. I've missed our chats.
    6. Bells
      C'est super de vous voir si bien. Et le chat très heureux avec toi.. ;-)

      Maintenant, pour votre état de santé. Quand tu m'avais dit que tu étiez mieux, tout est clair maintenant? C'est tout fini maintenant?
    7. Gremmie
      Thanks!!!... Again, I hope you stick around.
    8. Gremmie
      Well, prognosis isn't great...

      But, they told me I wouldn't make it this long, so what do they know.

      Just hanging in there, and plugging away.

      Besides, I have a reason to stick around now...
      Gotta laugh at the dipshits, when you hand them their asses. Lol.

      I hate feeling sick, but life is worth living.

      Ya just have to see the humor in all things.

      And this place cracks me up.
    9. Gremmie
      Sorry to hear that...

      I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer early this year.

      Did the chemo/radiation thing a few months ago.
      Doing it again now.

      Funny thing is, I think the treatment sucks more than the disease... Go figure.

      But, I live in California... We get to smoke pot.

      Life doesn't suck so bad... Lol

      And women show me sympathy, so, hell yeah, I take advantage of that.
      My mother didn't raise a dummy. :-)
    10. Gremmie
      Meh, who cares what morons think...

      Just glad to see ya back.
      It's like old times.

      Due to health issues, I can no longer work, so am here more often.

      I look forward to seeing the cranks sweat... They have multiplied in your absence.

      Do what you do man... LOL.
    11. Gremmie
      When I first came here exactly four years ago today, I believe, you were the only mod that took the time to explain how things work.

      Other mods weren't nearly as helpful...

      This is the first forum, I've ever been a member of.

      I can't imagine any other mod having a problem with you being a mod again.

      But, if you choose not to be one again, I fully understand.
      It's a thankless job, and a royal pain in the ass.

      Just glad to see you back... You just kinda disappeared.

      Been wondering what happened to ya...

      Now we have our resident 'tard tamer/crank killer back...

      Good times...
    12. Gremmie
      Hey there!

      Thought you had forsaken us losers...
      Glad to see you back, hope all is well with you.

      I've missed watching you tear the cranks to shreads....
      I hope you stick around for a while.

      I think you should be a mod again, even if you moderate me...

      Welcome back sir...
    13. Bells
      I like how you pick up a cat that had been living on the streets for a long while and you get the perfect cat. I went to the pound and got a cat that drooled and snuck onto people's property and stole things from them. Non stop. To both.
    14. Bells
      He sounds better than my kids!

      I just think it's amazing that after living alone and, well, in the wild or being wild, that he is still like that. And it's good to see that you're still such a softy!
    15. Bells
      What a beautiful cat! I love the colour and the eyes. And it is clear that he has you wrapped around his little paws. It is amazing that he is so docile after being homeless for so long and having to fend for himself. He looks so silky and soft.

      You have to wonder how he ended up in your sister's hedge. Thankfully he's found you.. Or you have found him. He is lovely. And cream cake? Hah!
    16. Bells
      Recovery is more often than not, a painful and slow process. Give yourself the time to do so and I can only hope the Government will come to recognise this as well. Unemployment makes it hard, but take it a day at a time. It's horribly hard, but you need to put yourself first and try to avoid stress. Pat the new cat! Purrrrrfect way to relax. (See what I did there?!)

      Is he grateful? Or does he see you as his pet and that you should be privileged that he let you adopt him? I love that about cats. And more often then not, they are usually right.
    17. Bells
      Hey to you too!

      Welcome back to the madness. How are you and how have you been? :)
    18. quinnsong
      Hi Dywyddyr,

      Where are you? You no like here no more? We miss you!
    19. Gremmie
      Hiya Dyw...
      What happened to ya? This place has gone to shit...

      Hope all is well, and you come back soon.
    20. Believe
      Where you at man!!!! It's boring here without the penguins.
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    Feb 1, 1956 (Age: 58)
    Scunthorpe, UK