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    1. ScaryMonster
      I’d say that I don’t suffer too much from being a slob like Oscar although I can be lazy and let thing’s go for a while! But living in filthy surroundings eventually gets to me and I have to clean up.
      I’m wouldn’t mind Felix coming over a cleaning up whist I’m not home but I’d be driven mad by his neurotic behavior and general anal retentiveness.
      Anal retentiveness? Maybe I’m being too harsh Felix actually was a lovable character.
    2. ScaryMonster
      Neil Simon’s good writer and the Odd Couple’s a good film, who would you say you’re more like Oscar or Felix?
    3. ScaryMonster
      Gidday, Decons I visited you Profile because I noticed that you looked at mine, I think we both posted on the movie quotes thread.
      I think I wrote some stuff down from the 3rd Man, a decent movie with some good lines in it.
      Anyway I’m your first visitor message Woo Hoo!
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