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Robbing the Shalebridge Cradle, from Canada

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Oct 18, 2014 at 6:43 AM
    1. Reiku
      I replied to my personal comment by the way. Please, feel free sir to argue it. I actually liked you at one point...
    2. Fudge Muffin
      Fudge Muffin
      yeah like I'm asking honest questions and he comes along and spams my thread with utter tripe. is there anyway to ban certain people posting in your threads? lol
    3. Fudge Muffin
      Fudge Muffin
      Hey man, thanks for answering my question on the meaning of orthogonal :L

      But see this guy, 'Mister' the annoying one that makes no sense? Yeah I posted a question on frequency and vibraitons in the Physics and Maths forum and now he's just spewing sh*t all over the place... what does he even do anyway?
    4. prometheus
      Hi Bork,

      Thanks very much for doing all the stuff on Wilsonian RG. I hope you don't think I'm expecting it from you to some deadline or something! I did a bit more reading about it and I think I understand it well enough for my purposes (I have my viva tomorrow). I certainly would like to understand it better though, so I'm looking forward to your thread. :)
    5. chimpkin
      Bork, you're a shmott guy.
      Have a hat.

    6. scifes
      but not the pharaoh i'm talking about, the one who drowned, not in a pyramid. RamsesII..
      though you have a point..
    7. realett
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