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Aug 29, 2004
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Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Billy T

Please use Sugar Cane Alcohol Fuel, from Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Oct 21, 2014 at 1:39 AM
    1. aaqucnaona
    2. cluelusshusbund
      Hay Billy T... sadang ant gonna let you off the hook... admit that the moon orbits the earth an then you can get to the issue of whether or not the moon rotates on an internal axis/has angular momentum.!!!
    3. Billy T
      Billy T
      For my 3 reasons why theory at Davidoblad's link is nonsense, see his private page .
    4. davidoblad
      Hi Billy, sorry took so long to reply, been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking

      Anyway, here is a link:

      This one link allowed me to reply with a series of links of my own, that might be of interest to you. Forgive my personal Blog.. but I wrote that for my mother (believe it or

      Best wishes from Dave :^)
    5. keith1
      Thank you. That was a fun picture to coax and disseminate.
      Very bulbous and symmetrical shape.
      Perhaps a behemoth in size, but not complex in inner structure. Debris field very tidy and symmetrical.
    6. Tach
      Thank you,

      Every time I point out the slightest error in JamesR posts he becomes abusive and resorts to ad-hominems. Why is he a moderator? He does not fulfill the basic requirements for such a position.
    7. The Esotericist
      The Esotericist
      How many recessions equal a depression? IMF calls for dollar alternative
    8. X-Man2
      I just came across this new(I think new) project from none other than China.Called the "Turn The Pearl River Delta Into One” It's another seemingly impossible project that China
      is going to conquer.Wow oh wow! Hope it's new news to you.
    9. Blindman
      I love a good debate but its so hard when you constantly change your posts.. Please if we do debate again just post anew rather then put new post in old posts. Edit if for syntax and spelling not hindsight, or worse manipulation..

    10. Chipz
      Great posts in the edge detection section.
    11. Billy T
      Billy T
      For months I have been annoyed by two "social group" invitations to join taking up space at top of my screen. There seemed to be no way to say "No thanks." Finally I decided to join, but not be active, just to get my screen uncluttered. Then I discovered that near end of the join process you can say No Thanks.

      This is a public service message for others having this same problem in saying No Thanks.
    12. Kajalamorth
      Heyyyy how are you?
    13. PieAreSquared
      you are a good man Billy T

      is still going??
    14. S.A.M.
      Hi Billy I have restored post 102 in the Dubai Meltdown thread.
    15. realett
      Hi Billy. I read your posts in the thread involving the growth of black holes and then found your "about me" page. I am inquiring as to whether you have any other books-in-progress and are in need of a publisher. I work for Perfectly Scientific Press, and we are currently looking for writers. We are located in Portland, Oregon, and we offer a considerably favorable royalty agreement. Currently, we are seeking authors of scientific books. The topics may span disciplines. Maybe you have the seed of an idea that you'd like to work on? Please visit our website: And, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me, Thomas Reale at
    16. superstring01
      Billy, I reopened your thread like four hours ago, AFTER reading your request.
    17. S.A.M.
      It's no problem, I just thought I'd let you know, in a circular way, that I had found your edit.:-)
    18. S.A.M.
      Thanks I will delete the post in the thread:
      CBO: "Stimulus" harmful to economy over the long term

      PS <removed>
    19. Billy T
      Billy T
      Yes, so it appears, but i will not use it. did you see link in prior reply here that basically says yes there will be both serious inflation and depression?
    20. joepistole
      I don't know much about this friends thing either but it appears to be a mini forum were groups of individuals can communicate collectively.
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    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Ph. D. physics, 30 years at JHU & its Aplied Physics Lab

    I wrote book Dark Visitor & have free bird often near me