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Jul 12, 2013
    1. chimpkin
      All praise the great space duck!
    2. R1D2
      Friday ... No new posts. I'm wondering why there is none yet. any ideas?
    3. Sapientivore
      So I just got my mum hooked on Tom Lehrer. Win.
    4. Reiku
      If you are questioning the Guy Hottel Memorandum, which you seem to be doing, please look back through that thread. Someone scanned it on the thread.
    5. Reiku
      Hey, check the UFO thread. I'd like to know what you want me to do. :)
    6. Robittybob1
      You might be defining your terms differently than I do. I think of the protoplanetary disc appearing after the proto-sun has separated from it. So they are forming together till the separation.
      What is your "data" source? For the heat was not a problem during the protosun period, it was never "too hot for molecules like water and methane to condense" on any of the inner, now terrestrial planets.
    7. Robittybob1
      I was thinking about Ockham’s Razor earlier, and really it protects against the unnecessarily complicated, like if I was to propose life went from Mercury to Venus then to Mars and then finally to Earth. Then you would be justified to use Ockham's Razor against that.
      Nuf said on that topic.

      Your arguments against life on Mercury would only be correct if life were to evolve there after the Sun became thermonuclear (T Tauri and Main Sequence forms).

      You didn't make any claims about Mercury during the protosun period and that is the vital part of my hypothesis; that planet building and abiogenesis occurred in the mid to late protosun period.
    8. Eagle_1
      No drugs involved, proof...taking another person's word for the truth, i.e., getting a woman off with thoughts and not telling her what I was doing, placing lights with the mind in front of someone and that person emailing me time she got to work and asked "why did you do that to me", just for starters.
    9. NMSquirrel
      thats was i who invited..i just did a cursory look at the posts in a thread and invited a bunch of ppl i read one of your posts and it seemed to qualify..
    10. Fraggle Rocker
      Fraggle Rocker
      Thanks! I try.
    11. chimpkin
      Heh, hello, you're recent. For some reason I thought you were a returned old member.
      I have asthma that almost killed me a few times as a child, then found extracurricular stuff to do to almost get me killed as an adult...I really think getting myself rearended on a bicycle had to be the closest, as my head was so close to the front end of the pickup I could feel the radiator fan blowing down on my face. Totalling my first car left me with plate in my left arm tho; good thing I'm a righty.
      Hope you stick around. Your Avi's from Sandman?
    12. Arioch
      Why thank you.
    13. SciWriter
      You have great posts.
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    Fifteen minutes out of Wooville
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    An open minded skeptic who's dedicated to finding the truth regardless of whether I like it or not.

    Reading, studying, D&D, watching good scifi movies, and many other things(like being right).