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Aqueous Id

flat Earth skeptic, from USA

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Oct 21, 2014 at 1:29 PM
    1. aaqucnaona
    2. Aqueous Id
      Aqueous Id
      *salutes fellow conspirator*
      (recoiling a little at the change in avatar), muttering:
      "Alas, poor Yorick..."
    3. chimpkin
      *waves hi*
    4. Balerion
      Do you realize you have a + beside your name? I just checked the "Who's Online" thing, and saw you had that. Special!
    5. aaqucnaona
    6. Aqueous Id
      Aqueous Id
      I was just paraphrasing for Alpha what I got from your presentation. I read JamesR's explanation and he said he didn't read yours first, so there hasn't been any rebuttal. I will be interested to see how he responds.

      Earlier in the day I thought you were wrong, because I reasoned that, on plain observation alone, every ray advancing your eye would be interfered with by a ray in regression. So you could pick an angular frequency that would create a 180° phase shift between pairs, and the image would completely disappear. Later it occurred to me that this is not true, because there is not just one velocity shifting the phase. In other words, at axis it's just the forward velocity, but at the point in impinges on the ground, there is no relative velocity at all (from you). So there is a kind of phase scattering that results between all the different interference combinations.
    7. Tach
      You got the relativistic Doppler effect. Something that JamesR, despite his claims of superior intelligence, has not.
    8. Aqueous Id
      Aqueous Id
      "I will proceed to disentangle the entire mess -David Crosby
    9. chimpkin
      As far as who is pulling your strings, I thought you were at loose ends. Cut free of your ties and drifting.
    10. chimpkin
      Oh, hey!
      You're NOT a sock! Cool! I like you.
    11. scheherazade
      You following comment, which I have lifted from a recent post of yours, is both interesting and insightful.

      "On the other hand crazy is what seems to be at the core of all science. Lightspeed? What is that? What is entanglement? And so on.

      Maybe brain injury is not as bad as it's cracked up to be."

      A belated welcome to the forum.
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