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Sep 25, 2014
    1. BigFairy
      Ha !! Thankingyou
    2. George1
      would you mind examining my prof from Star Wars vs Star Trek and Kittamaru's claims? please?
    3. Saquist
      Ricery is going to be hard pressed to answer all these long post. It might dissuade him from Post snipping for the sake of all these fallacies.
    4. Stray Dog5
      Stray Dog5
      Apocalypse we have someone on the thread who appears to be a thread killer, appreciation would be much needed for this.
    5. Shogun
      I learned Cruel Angel's Thesis to play for my school's preforming arts ( my high school is HUGE on preforming arts and science, it is very well known for our PA department, schools from all around the world come to visit us, I am dead serious, this month there will be German PA kids coming ) concert band. I was offered to play a piano solo at the next school concert ( they told me during my PA audition ) and that if I do good, they would let me represent my school at a competition ( along with the band ). I wanted to do something different. My style is with a lot of emotion.

      You got to admit, Lang Lang is awesome :D
    6. Shogun
      Yeah, the guy in the vid is Japanese. Thanks for confirming my opinion :D And thank you for your insights and your time :D

      Yeah I know it is not the video, it has a link to a Japanese video sharing site. I told my friend that I can play just as fast as him .I can play pretty much the same as him for Cruel Angel's Thesis, but I play a bit more "crazy", when nobody is around, or if it is just my friends and family, I "smash" ( that is what they call it, I don't smash ) the keys and use exaggerated motions. When people are around I am just like him lol, trying to be as accurate as possible. He probably did it so no hardcore anime otakus will flame him like no tomorrow.
    7. Shogun
      Dude, can you do me a favor?

      Can you take a look at this video:


      Well and other videos of the same pianist by Dan888

      Can you tell me two things afterward: Is he a professional pianist, and is he is fast forwarding? Well I believe it can be played this fast ( I can play as fast for some songs ), just my friend doesn't believe me. I would like a second opinion on this.

      Here is another video ( just to show you, it is really really cool )


      I heard that this guy ( Lang Lang ) is the second best pianist in the world and my friend ( he is my age, but he is the best pianist I know, he is CRAZY at the piano, WAY better than me ) said that this is one of the hardest songs to play on the piano ( either No.2 or No.6, I forgot ).
    8. Shogun
      Well, I think it might be because they are less educated and literate thus lack a lot of the abilities to take the IQ test. But come on....USA and Canada are very well developed countries......
    9. Shogun
    10. Shogun
      Temporarily it is Macross and Gundam vs Trek.
    11. BigFairy
      Must have been somethin important. Anyway, thank you once more.
    12. BigFairy
      Thank you.

    13. Kittamaru
    14. Shogun
      George Taeki is gay? Doesn't the Bushido forbids it or something? Isn't that a disgrace is Japanese culture?
    15. Shogun
      Why does everyone think Star Was fans = violent, undisciplined, and mindless thugs? There are a lot of decent Star Wars fans out there. I've heard of violent video games stimulate violence and aggression, and that's true, but Star Wars??? Man, I have a hard time believing Star Wars make people want to go shoot up schools.
    16. Kittamaru
      Lol, George1 and Ricery have some serious issues don't they...
    17. Nexarc
      Just ignore it. There are people who have problems in debates when information that proves they're wrong pops up. Just wait until a certain someone returns to the forum and you'll see that George1 is actually quite tame by comparison.
    18. fedr808
      yah, your right.
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