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    Do you what is your weakness vis-a-vis PIE? Pronunciations is your BANE. Over dependence on transliterations is fraught with pit falls, which, unfortunately, you do not recognise.

    You might call me a chauvinist. Can you ever convince a billion Hindus? No chance. They hold Sanskrit as a Devinne language, given by Brahma. I do not subscribe to it, but I do wonder why is ancient, archaic termed as Proto Sanskrit of Rig Veda so different from your examples.

    My testimonials. Match them.

    I am an Engineer, a hard herded realist.

    I know MY scriptures quite well. So much so that I can understand and translate a verse of Rig Veda VERBATIM, in the order of words. Can you?
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    Did I request for un locking it? Apart from wondering why it was locked, now another riddle: why was it unlocked.

    Hmmm. Beats me second time too.

    My sceintific advice: Without proper prounciation you cannot unlock a language. Arm chair transliteration of Sanskrit into latinised scripts will take you nowhere.

    Remember what Gangesh said: A langusge can exist without a script, but a script has to have a langusge it depicts. Get the languages first. Lots of audios giving Hindi Sanskrit are available.
  3. I will unlock your thread.
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    My Response

    You are not the only sceintific persons here. Instead of [mis]using ypur mod chair, you should have read it carefully, ab initio. I clearly disagree with this thesis which I found from someone.

    Btw, some one has said that he was taught that it is YHVH. Whither your sceince, Fraggle.

    Unless you know Sanskrit language and its grammar and pronounciation, you know NOTHING about it, as I know NOTHING about Hebrew or Aramic or Greek even.

    Fact is: You did read it was from IE wallahs and found it too uncomfortable.

    Discuss on equal terms, or not at all. Best Fraggle is a silent one. If it is a nonsense then it was spewed by IE wallahs.
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    I hold you in good esteem. You seem to be sincere, But even the sincere ones can be mistaken..

    What is your mistake? In IMHO, it is too much of theory and too little of practical.

    Let me disclaim. I am no linguist. Yet you specially deirected a thread onto me. I feel honored AND vindicated.

    I will support you in search for an IE. But my support would be highly critical.

    A friend of mine pblished a book on computer graphics. In preface he wrote: But for criticism of R. C. Sharma [yours truly], the book could have been published ONE year ago, BUT it would would have a poorer book book.

    Am I devil's advocate? NO. I have my my notions, far from unfoundede, and my own views. Not all can be put on any Bulletin Board.

    W have certain limitations, pal.
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    "* * * * NOTE FROM A MODERATOR * * *

    Q, your discourse on SciForums frequently drops below the level of "discussion" and becomes pure "trolling."

    Please get a grip and clean up your act. You're making a fool of yourself. I don't know whom you think you're entertaining with this tiresome repetition.[/b][/color][/QUOTE]"

    Yes, you're just so superior to me, aren't you. Yet another hypocritical attack from another hypocritical moderator. Are you guys breeding or something?
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    So where do you see this belonging - it is a book from a scholar with a host of backing and references to words in 100's of languages, notwithstanding we have no answers to its alternatives:
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    Sorry to disturb you again, but as far as Fraggle Rock being different in other countries, I know Sesame Street is. I swear I saw Plaza Sesame somewhere, and they had a freaky blue Big Bird.
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    I do agree with your beliefs, obviously your answer is more educated than what I post, because it's the truth... Other people don't know that though. They are in need of educating. That's what makes it interesting. That's what I aim to do.

    Well, do I have to let my posts smoulder, or can I continue to irritate those blasted believers? I don't want to get into any cyber trouble over this!
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    Hi Frag,

    I just wanted you to know that I was trying to elicit some interesting conversation on the forum. Check out the number of posts/views on the threads I've posted. I appreciate the fact that someone (your wife) is knowledgeable in the areas where I have to forage for information. I do so to make conversation with the unknowledgeable!!! When you shut down my threads, it's so much less interesting (but then that's just me). I really love bantering with the less-informed. I'm sure you and your wife could shut me down all the time, but the forum wouldn't be as much fun.

    ~ M*W
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