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    The vid is pretty cool.
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    I will probably post something on there later. Anyways, see you tomorrow.
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    From what I can tell, you are a very intelligent person as well, just good at/interested in different fields and subjects.
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    Sound a lot like I am emo right? :D ( I am not, just for the record ) But instead of physical pain, it is academic pressure.

    I barely know how ( or why for that matter ) I put up with it myself. I am don't work on exactly the same logic as the average joe on the street that is for sure.....

    I have a question if you don't mind answering. Do you do something similar to the fields and subjects you like?
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    Thanks lol. I work on the logic that what doesn't gives me a ticket to a mental hospital makes me smarter lol. I do what is pretty much like "self-inflicted pain" by giving myself academic pressure and asking my parents to do it even if I complain ( I didn't have to ask them to do it, they already do lol, and work on the same logic as me ). Such as stuff like my parents giving me a test to do, and rushing me and giving me a lot of pressure ( it is voluntary, I know it is for my own good even when I complain about it ) and I have to work to a time ad score limit or there will be consequences. I also criticize myself a lot ( that lead to me criticizing my teammates during group work, and praising them AFTER it is finished, they don't like it, but can't deny the results :D ). I like to think in a way where I criticize myself, and criticize those criticisms and so on and so forth.
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    Lol, I didn't get it until I comprehended relativity. Relativity also helped me comprehend Quantum Theory and Quantum Mechanics. However, Quantum Gravity is still a pain in the neck for me......I get a headache by just looking at Quantum Gravity now ( made an attempt to understand it for the past few months, my parents' explanations were pretty much like my books and textbook's just with different wording, which didn't help much ).......I will understand it, sooner or later.....
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    I am using the Lorentz-FrizGerald contradiction for a equation for the volume of an object in motion ( different from just length x width x height ). I just need to find out the equation for the mass and I can get the equation for density of an object in motion. I know I am weird lol.
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    I got it off my physics textbook ( the book is awesome, I learned equations that I have never heard of before, and it makes them simpler a bit, so I can easily comprehend them ). It is a huge slap-in-the-face for the Lorentz-FrizGerald contradiction, and it was ( probably ) designed to make fun of it, or at least its original intent. It is also a good and simple way to describe the Lorentz-FrizGerald contradiction ( whose' numbers and math are correct, just not the phenomenon that it is associated with, its theory was incorrect, but the numbers were, and applied to the right theory, it is correct, and the theory that it was associated with was designed to bash the theory it is a part of now, therefore it is called a contradiction, things like this don't happen often in physics )
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I'm 15, and have lived in Florida all my life.
Florida, U.S.A
Rock(metal mostly), politics, star wars, some conspiracies, anime(Mainly of the Gundam franchise), history/cultural geography, and am interested in movie directing.


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