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    Did you get my PM? It said my post count was too low.

    You did that on purpose! Luring me to post aincha?'
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    Sorry, Fark awf!
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    You lied! You said your wife left your clueluss dehydrated butt, hence your user name. You immoral heathen! That is TOO funny that you're the same age as my fiance though. I have to know, is your wife a believer? If so, can I talk to her? LOL!

    So, I don't know your real birfday afterall? I kept it secret though. Doesn't that get any points?
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    Oh he loves me & he knows it! He's been beside himself with grief ever since I left webtv for a cd burner. He's just mad cause I's smarter than he is & he dudn't know how to deal wit it.

    Sometimes I don't know when you're joking & when you're serious PastureBoy. I know you're not even 50 yet or just barely 50, so I know you ain't been married for 40 years.

    Oh...<singsong>and I know your birfday</singsong> Is that still a secret? And how much is it worth these days?
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    You got married?! When? Or do you mean back in the day? How come Liam dudn't post here?
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    well, you can practice, the room is not full, it's ok if you writ slowly
    i'm there right now,
    with enmos
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    hey, want to go on a chatroom for sciforums?
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    LOL! Anita does love me! I'm touched...[I]really[/I]! I miss that girl & will never forget her. I'll never understand her, but I'll never forget her. I knew her from way back. From the first time I was in that room in like 2004 I think.

    And Frances...I was thinkin' about her recently. I still have her birthday on my calendar. :)

    And to Liam..."Bite me, baby!"

    I was just kidding about the Christmas Trees. I didn't give Donald an ulcer or anything, did I?

    I'm doing great. I'm totally into my couponing & still engaged. Yes, STILL. I may never get married, but at least I got a ring, eh?

    That yogurt does look good. It looks so...pure.
  9. oops
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    I didn't find you, God did.

    Okay AND, I signed up for one of them Swagbucks accounts & had to think of things to search & since I pray for you every time I see yogurt or tomatoes, you quickly came to mind. True story. I was gonna look up Anita, but figured she wouldn't speak to me anyway. She was a strange lil thang, but still quite lovable. Next time you post with webtv, tell Liam I said hi & that my IQ is still higher than his. Tell Donald I quit eating pork & stopped all my shopping on Sundays. Now I just sit at home & decorate miniature Christmas Trees. :P I still have my webtv, but I couldn't deal with dial-up on my PC, so I let the subscription go.

    So, YogurtBoy, how's that dehydrator holding up these days? Seriously, how are you doing?
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