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    Most charming! What does cc&p mean? Who is your boss? What does he make you do?
    Does he wear the lizard pelt?
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    Okay, thanks man! He had heard that HDTV can be used as a PC monitor, but he's also your age & although he's super sharp (like you - [she goes for some easy points]), he really dreads the whole computer thang. BBL
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    You have excellent spelling.
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    Well, he's saying that it won't even let him in his email a lot of the time. It's constantly cutting off right in the middle of stuff. It has also erased his favorites twice in the last year or so. Has that ever happened to you? Have you retrograded any or can that be done with tv2? A lot of his issues started after a couple of upgrades, I recall. I'm just at a loss as to whether to advise him to get another unit or go with a PC.

    But, because he has a hard time seeing & the big screen T.V. is what he needs. :(
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    Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm getting there. I can't make all my post empty & mindless, ya know.

    Hey, you're on msntv2, didncha' say? How is it holding up with all the upgrades & such? I know YouTube is out now & other videos right? But, does yours cut off; is it slow to load; any major issues?
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    HEY! I was CLOSE! Pipes, smoke, light, fire, church, Menorah. See? I was getting there. :P
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    Well, you didn't TELL me what size it was! For some reason the page didn't load & I didn't see all the other guesses until after I posted. And I couldn't edit. LOL! I did convince myself though & THAT'S what's important, eh?

    What was Liam Louise's guess? HUH?! HUH?! (poke, poke)
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    BTW, it's not supposed to hang on the wall, but sit on a table or little shelf made especially for it.
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    That's a hat rack & pipe holder. They would hang their hat on the arms at the top & set their pipe in the holder & only then could they enter the church. After church, they could then congregate out front & toke on their pipes. The very end one is for the first person that got there and, as a show of respect, they all had to wait on him before anyone could light up.

    Anything else you need to know? ;)
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    Not much. Too busy with couponing forums. I'll go comment on your yogurt 19 times. Hope I can think of enough compliments for homemade yogurt...
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