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    So all right wingers are dittoheads? Congratulations, that's not intellectually childish at all. And what are the left wing lunatics and morons? Can I call them lunatics? Please, I want to!
  2. No I refuse to stop calling dittoheads dittoheads. I call a spade a spade. The term originated with the dittoheads themselves and it is very appropriate. Just look around, look at them. A great number of them don't even know Hawaii is a state for God's sake.

    When individuals allow emotion to filter fact and reason as the dittoheads due, then dittohead is an appropriate description. limbaugh has a on a great number of occassions encouraged his followers to not think about facts or even reason. According to limbaugh all they need is limbaugh. It is a sad and disgusting fact, but this is where we are today in American politics. Dittohead is an appropriate description of an American crisis. It would be intellectually dishonesst to ignore it or sweep it under the rug. It is a crisis and needs to be addressed for the good of the nation.
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    Stop calling right wingers dittoheads, that's intellectually childish
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    The only platform you need is currency and recognition of private property, not distortion and government enterprise and all that mess
  5. Well you also need a plaform for trade, a set of rules for trade. That is a role that only government can fulfill. And as long as you have tie between business and governement, you have a strong potential for corruption. Without comphrensive consititutional corruption reform I don't think a private solution for our problems is doable.
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    Exactly, so businesses can only do these bad things because of government lobbying, which isn't free market. What we need is more free markets, and less government intervention. Then citizens can destroy a business for being bad.
  7. Businesses survive or die in a freemarket place. But there in is the rub, there is always the temptation to fix markets with government fiat as is the case today. Unless you have a 100 percent corruption free government, business will find a way to fix the markets.

    At least in a government system you will always have a bunch of citizens wanting a more cost efficient system pounding on the doors of government.
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    corruption in a government run system would be even worse! Unlike private businesses, government has no incentive to do a good job. Businesses survive because they do a good job, they have that obligation.
  9. Well not there is where I disagree with you. Given the pressure on government to keep costs/spending down, I think it will be effective. As long as it is out in the open, I think we have a chance at beating it.

    If it is kept in backrooms, it gets a lot less visibility.
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    I'm not in favor of corruption, either. The problem, I believe, with your approach is that there will *always* be a certain amount of corruption and there is no reason to believe that corruption in a government-run system will be any less or any easier to get rid of.

    What do you do when the people who make and enforce the laws start breaking them?
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