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    Hi, Captain. Benny is back, and I've made some recent additions to the lightning thread. Please take a look at the last few pages and say hello.
  2. I'll drink to that.
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    I had no idea you were such a xenophobic, homophobic (for good measure) racist.
    After all, protecting borders is all of the above. Isn't it?
    Excuse me, but I've just been reading Sciforums. Surely the "consensus" isn't wrong...
    A toast, to the Captain...
  4. Welcome, all!
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    Butt (_!_) anyway....
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    I don't know Captain. If I was to guess I would say it is more of a state of mind . It might be a wave if I was to describe it in physical terms . Like when you blush . You can feel the wave of the blush come over your body . Generated by the brain perhaps , yet still the effect runs through the body giving you that goose bump feeling . Endorphins is probably the mechanism . The same feeling you get when the music is in you and your foot starts to tapping involuntarily . The tears of a mother dieing , a child , The ability to feel sorrow or joy in a numbing world . Emotions would be my best guess . Like a wave crashing on the shore
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    Your in luck ! I give out souls . We ain't called Missoula for nuten. The rest of the state laughs at us ( Progressive city slapped in the heart of conservatism) Talk about a ley lines of distructionists,

    Autumn is when they say the Christ returns. I don't mean the Harold Camp prediction he moved forward . It is the esoteric knowledge that leads people to ponder that . The "Harvest" is the symbolic catch . It is a metaphor for abundance and prosperity.

    The Pharaohs wish so to speak. Live long and prosper! Hail to the Queen ! The Kingdom gives forth it's fruits of labor . The birthing pangs of seasons . I like it cause that is when the big fish bite and to have a 2 foot brown trout on the ley line of your fishing pole makes life exciting
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    It comes and goes Captain . It is kind of a good think to plant the feet on the ground sometimes . I feel a little grounded as the sun shines and the days are comfortable as of late . No fear it never lasts to long . I think of it as creation giving Me a brake by giving Me a sense of normalcy . I yearn to be understood just like most people . It is the dyslexia that makes me struggle . Controversy will rise up again and my emotional release will fly again . Then the struggle to find the words of expression will spew out .

    I thought the same thing you did and could feel the normalcy as of late . I don't think it is Me Captain. It is the outside influence. I don't know what it is ? Lori7 would have us believe it is god . Maybe , but if so it ain't like your grandpa said it was. Normal for now . My last normalcy lasted many years yet the voice still howled , but more of a back ground noise . Course I suppressed it then . The Blue Marble guys focused Me on normalcy. Buzz kills .
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    Your words are very kind Captain . To live in fairytale is extremely hard to function . That I would write if is not for being a musician. After a saw the musician Mark G something on the sadist music thread I had to make confirmation of my musical skills . I wrote a death march answered with a movement of glee forced in between the verses. I don't know what Mary Me music partners going to think of or even the band . It is extremely emotional. I hope she likes it for it will fit perfect with her fairy tales . Thanks for being my friend Captain . You are a worthy person of praise
  10. Re "Self unemployed".

    Could someone please send me some money.
    I need a holiday.
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