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  1. Balerion isn't easy to get along with, but he is being targeted.

    Bells must be a secret admirer of mine.
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    You may feel differently, but I think Balerion is just an out and out troll. He has also on my ignore list for so long that I have no idea what he did to warrant a 30-day ban. However, I am not at all surprised, and I would be pleased if he were permanently banned. I'm just saying...

    So, I hope you will forward this message to the other members, so they know what's up with me.

    Final question: Moderator Bells has your initials monogrammed on her Stewie avatar's diaper. What's that all about?

    (Part 4) Apologies for yakking so much.
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    Just so you know where I stand though, I support the bans of Magical Realist and Balerion. I agree with you that MR is one of the most dynamic and entertaining members we have, but he really does contribute way too much woo, and he gets so mad when people contradict him. I had nothing to do with his present ban, I am sure, but I will admit to reporting him two or three times in the past. Perhaps an earlier ban (he gets banned so often) was in part due to my influence, but not this one. I know this for sure because he has been on my ignore list since April (although I do sometimes peek at his posts).

    (Part 3)
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    You will see that I have banned myself for three days, so I am more than fulfilling your 24-hour ban requirement upon entry. You will also notice that much of what I am protesting has to do with the attitude of Russ Waters. I know he's on your ignore list, and I understand why.

    I say in my last post that I never understood Karma Klub and found your protest self-defeating, but that's the thing. I am beginning to get it now. Don't explain it to me! It's best if I figure it out myself.

    (Part 2)
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    Howdy Cap'n. You will see that I sent a friend's request to you. I have long enjoyed your sense of humor, but find it a bit 'gay' to make friends request very often. They only friends I have are Clueluss Husband because he's such a good-natured nut, Gremmie because he asked me too, and CC because she is so incredibly smart - far and away the most intelligent poster on the forum - and I have referred to her publicly as a 'she' because I strongly suspect she is one, and she never corrects my assumption. (And it isn't 'gay' to befriend a lady).

    Anyhow, the main reason I making this friends request is that I now wish to join the Karma Klub, if you'll have me. You can read my latest post if you want to know why. It 's under [URL=""]'Who Are The Scientists'[/URL] This one and the one before it, and really nearly every thing I have said in that thread.

    (Part 1)
  7. Rule 2.4
    Anyone banned three times gains extra Karma.
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    Thanks CK... for postin the 2.3 rule.!!!

    Lets see... i got karma baned because Sciforums managment is in disaray... an agan for postin a pitcher of a gun... an as soon as Tiassa desides to wave his arm an bellow his thunderous voice many more will fall due to not apologizin to Bells for (i forget for what)... an then i will be the first person to ever be tripple baned :thankyou:

    [center] :-) [/center]
  9. That's for sure.
    Bullshit is King.
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    Nothing YOU said was BS to be clear (BS = bull shite, maybe you say "bullocks"?!? though i guess you know that) i don't think, i just felt like "calling BS" for BS' sake. Someone somewhere was engaged in it, and i thought i needed to bring attention to this potentiality. It must be done, as an excuse from time to time, to justify leaving a message. I'm guessing it even goes on currently here at sciforums? Do you think the chances are good that i'm correct in some way? I think this BS is probably well at home on this forum in some manner. I'm sure you've witnessed it yourself?!? Past experience seems to back up this crazy notion of mine. Not implying you have anything to do with it, good Captain! It is alive and well in the world.

    I'm a ridiculous person anyway, so there's that factor.
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