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    Leave me alone, you little fuckhole. I've some serious, ahem, posting to do.
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    "Okay. . . now I'm yukkie in the bellie. Is it normal to eat 2/3 of a box of pretzel chips along with half a jar of peanut butter and Nutella each? I feel a nasty poopie coming on."

    With a stomach lining of years worth of cum from millions of strangers, ou can eat anything. Not to mention the protective coat of ulcers eating their way through your entrails to eat out your nonexistent umbilicus, you irritiable bowel syndromed cow.

    Bon appetit.
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    Ewww, nutella. I'm popping grapes, you something something with the play on the 'r's in cavernous and rectum. Pardon, I'm rusty.
    This is why I'm lithe and gorgeously healthy, and you're an expanding blob of Spam.
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    "Miss Prepucenstein, where are you?"

    Did you text this to me from you homophone?

    (geddit?)(please tell me you do)
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    "Was it necessary to post that message to each of our profiles you mindless something-or-other that I cannot look up in my trusty Lexicon excel file for a bigger, meaner word because I have a partially alive human corpse hugging me from behind. I think he's reading what I'm typing. If that's the case: Rick, your breath stinks. Bad. Go brush your teeth you dirty simian."

    Mhahhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhahaha *weeping* alliright.

    I'm off to bed-- seroiusly, I'm in pain here. Been here since 7 p.m. yesterday evening. Its now almost-- good god-- 10.

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    Of course, you, who just woke up from a sleep infested by Luna Moths shitting melatonin on your synapses, would just come along and mock the 'slow' typing of someone who's been posting for hours and hours and hours and hours.

    I'm in serious pain, my liege.
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    You'd gulp down what I'm about to tell you faster than semen: Your'e the first person on these messenger thingies I've ever left a message for.


    I say we roast taht Lori...oops, forgot. You're a mod. Muwahhaa.....
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    Oh, c'mon String! The Sandy thread was one of the best the subforum has seen in a while. I'm just sure of it.
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    Please tell me youre banning Grandpa too. Its obviously a either a previously banned member trolling or an idiot that has no intention of being a real member
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    Hey superstring,
    I know this is an odd request but could you read and respond to my most recent post about socialism. I need something to do and youre the only person online at the moment whos opionion I will ussaly respect, even if I disagree with it xD
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