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    probably because you started the conversaion on mine dipstick.
  2. As usual, pj, you don't have any grasp of the situation, and you ignore the history that doesn't suit your pre-existing prejudices. Meanwhile, you accuse those who actually do see both sides of the argument of dishonesty. Maybe if you could - for a second - provide some examples of this dishonesty, someone might get around to believing you.

    I've no idea why you think you're helping your cause by writing on MY wall per se but you're welcome to continue.
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    Geoffp for you to educate you would first need to understand what your talking about in the first place. I'm far more well educated on the topic than you your just to much of god knows what to admit you have been caught using dishonest tactics of mis representing history to further your own ends.
  4. Well then, pj, you've elected to stay incorrect. You seem to be locked into this idea that I'm using things from 500 years ago (which in itself is an entirely wrong timeframe, but let's ignore that for the moment) to justify Israel's actions, or that somehow those old perspectives have suddenly become moot in the modern century. Both your presumptions are shatteringly wrong. First, I don't justify such things, but rather illustrate the why of the Israeli reaction to continued Islamicist political supremacism and hostility. Neither are the atrocities of Islamist politics confined to some long-ago past that you wish would evaporate so you can get on with hating Israelis and Jews with a clean conscience. The conservative establishment of the Islamic political process has the same outlook today it did a hundred or a thousand years ago. I'm sorry, but those things really aren't deniable, and they aren't my fault.

    I fail to see what more could educate you on the issues.
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    I have looked at the links geoffp. I just don't feel their relevant in the way your using them and see your attempts to use things from 500 years ago judged according to mondern standards as completely dishonest. You can believe I would be glad by getting your head out of your ass and being honest. Yes geoffp it is your fault your using a dishonest metric. Your right this is about honesty and you failed miserble at it.
  6. Well, you're categorically wrong, as exemplified by your refusal to actually look at links. Sorry. Not really my fault. And how, then, can I possibly believe your proclamation that you would be "glad" to partake in debate? You haven't been so far. This goes to the honesty issue.
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    if you remember the post I said i refused to get into it with you because you refused to be honest in regards to viewing. if you would be willing to do so I would gladly partake in it with you.
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    Pjfood uses the word "bigot" like I drink water. His use proves he doesn't actually know its definition... eh, he's a prost ligner.
  9. Indeed he does.
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    Does this Weighted companion comedian have a weighted companion cube ?
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