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    Please give me a link to the UFO thread. I have not been following it.
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    I'm curious, why do people call you "Mister"?
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    (read this first)
    I would have no ideas about how consciousness relates to science. I have seen strong evidence that both telepathy and precognition exist and feel compelled to find scientific reasoning's.

    I have beliefs based upon wild theories I have read that make more sense to me in these regards than some of the other theories I have read. I would not attempt to defend these beliefs very strongly though as they are only "temporary" beliefs and I am open to being persuaded in a multitude of directions.

    Here is some of my wild beliefs so you can understand I am not "fit" for a consciousness discussion.
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    a) I believe energy and consciousness are the same. I believe everything we see is conscious. I believe your toaster is conscious. I will say that it is an extension of our own consciousness.

    b) I believe that we create our own universe for ourselves. Our psychic minds agree that you have a toaster, but we both see completely different toasters.

    c) My version of events has us living in a "matrix movie" type environment. I believe our expectations directly influence our surroundings psychically. If you spend all day talking about "shark attacks" at work and then you will come home and find your favourite tv show has a shark attack theme, or your neighbour gets eaten by a shark. I believe thoughts influence our surroundings.

    So you see my visions of what might be are too influenced by my attempts to rationalize psychic/psi phenomenon to contribute to this topic.

    Good luck. I will read your stuff with interest, but I am out.
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    hi. I comment from time to time, but do not have the energy to argue common sense to people. I am guessing they will all know the truth someday. (I am religious).

    I have enough trouble taking on telepathy threads, and this is a real area of research for me.

    Anyways.. Happy New Year.

    My main focus these days is on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, and I have been trying to learn what is known to occur in these devices.
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    Happy New Year!
    Try to learn from your mistakes mister.
    Particularly . Understand where to tactically withdraw.
    You make enemies needlessly.
    Still love your posts
    Even the rubbish.
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    Not sure which one you mean anymore to be honest - however, the multi-posting does need to be reigned in somewhat - that's why the edit button is there :) If you have a thought after the fact, you are always welcome to edit it in
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    You and I both know you're lying about your background, so why be angry at me when I'm just telling it like it is? The only way for you to understand how insanely wrong you are in your posts is by learning what math and science actually say.

    Why not do yourself a favour, go to the local library and pick up a good precalculus book or something even simpler, so you can start some genuine learning? Would you expect a kid who can't ride a bicycle without training wheels to be able to fly a plane the next day? No. So what makes you any different?

    BTW I know plenty of scientists who don't get along with me in real life but we still respect each others' work, because we have proper backgrounds and we can tell when each others' work is legit. If you think saying nice things about other peoples' work when you don't even understand what they're doing is your ticket to having people listen to you, think again. False, ignorant compliments are even more patronizing than truthful criticisms.
  9. And you... cpt.. I don't even wanna begin with you. There was a time you were a humble person. I guess that is what happens when you spend too much time in academia... either you think you know it all, or that you have been conditioned to beleive you know better.
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    Look, if you're going to misrepresent yourself, you're going to get called on it. If you were honest for a change, you could start along the learning process to gain true knowledge, and ultimately you could even reach the level of complexity you're seeking to spoof here.
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