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  1. Yeah, I've done that now, hopefully, and put some screen prints in there for your info and the users profile on fb.
  2. Can you email me at

  3. No probs, if you pm me I'll post them to you, as I'm a new user, (who'se misspelt his own user name) I haven't been granted that privilege yet
  4. Thanks for letting me know. I would like the user info. Thanks. Kristin
  5. Sorry for intruding but there's a user on facebook who's using your work and passing it off as his own. If you'd like the user info or don't really mind let me know.

    I just thought you'd like to know as this person has been trying to bully and intimidate people with your work. As an academic myself I know I'd be annoyed if someone did that!

    Once again sorry to intrude
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    Don't let me stifle anything. I'm just trying to provide a different perspective. It's all in the service of enlightenment.
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    Sorry, I don't mean to shut down anybody's threads, unless you mean merely "damp down." I think it's important to both the anti- and pro-religion factions to consider the strong possibility that supernaturalism is an instinctive belief or set of beliefs. To the anti's it sends the message that it's not just a bunch of bullshit that somebody invented, it's already inside us, not something that can be defeated by mere logical argument any more than our urge to procreate. And to the pro's it sends the message that although religion may, therefore, be natural, that no more guarantees respect for it in a post-Stone Age society than other natural instincts like covering the landscape with trash or killing the members of rival tribes.
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    M*W: Show me where you will find, in any [I]authortative[/I] history book, the actual birth, death and resurrection of a JC that can be proven. (Using the bible itself is not allowed). You need to do some serious reading. I'm afraid you're out of your league. You're embarassing yourself. Please use proper English to defend your position:

    1. ignorence is spelled [I]ignorance[/I]
    2. [I]weather [/I]is fine if you're talking about rain, but if you're discussing options, the word is [I]whether[/I].

    Learn basic English. If your mother tongue isn't English, I will make some concessions on your brutality on my mother tongue, but if your native language is English, get back to me when you ask a question properly.

    You need to read about the other 16 gods (yes, there are way more) who were born of virgins, crucified, died and were buried, rose again and ascended into heaven... and Jesus just copied them. For now, my friend, you've got a lot of reading to do.

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    id like to point out something "Jesus: Mythstory--Not History!" is untrue and shows your ignorence hands down. Weather you believe that Jesus was of supernatural origin or that he was the Son of God is your belief. But there is no doubt or question that he was born and lived
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    m*w: ---
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