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  1. Communist Hamster
  2. Tiassa
    In the moment when OSINT proves the poilce station exists, the whole world feels like an internet argument.
  3. Communist Hamster
    Communist Hamster
    so glad this place is still going
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  4. ElectricFetus
  5. Write4U
    Write4U Ken Fabian
    In reference to your "sensory function of hair" thread, you might find some useful information from the history of "cilia and microtubules".
  6. Twelve
    Addicted to life
  7. Tiassa
    Wrongfully imprisoned for 16 years, Leonard Cure was released in 2020. Monday, police in Georgia shot him to death.
  8. Tiassa
    The F-35 is a truly astounding example of … er … ah … something, something, murmur, mumble.
  9. Tiassa
    I did not know "precising" was a word until a physics prof taught me, just now. Now I just need to go look up its precise definition. #TAMU
  10. Magical Realist
    Magical Realist
    Great! The Church of Hating LGBTQ
  11. Tiassa
  12. Tiassa
    Waiting on a body count from Jacksonville; shooter's parents called police after finding manifesto.
  13. Tiassa
    American terrorist Ammon Bundy arrested on outstanding warrant.
  14. Beer w/Straw
  15. Tiassa
    American conservatives are now making up fake liberals to be mad at. Okay, that's not really new, but still.
  16. Beer w/Straw
  17. Write4U
    Write4U spidergoat
    I am an ex-bassplayer. Traveled 7 years on the road with a quartet, the "International IV".
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    2. Write4U
      May 29, 2023
    3. Write4U
      I played upright .
      May 29, 2023
    4. spidergoat
      Even cooler!
      May 30, 2023
  18. spidergoat
    We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams...
    1. Write4U
      We are also the bringers of death
      May 13, 2023
    2. spidergoat
      That's 4u, not us.

      With wonderful deathless ditties
      We build up the world's great cities
      And out of a fabulous story
      We fashion an empire's glory...
      May 28, 2023
  19. cluelusshusbund
    cluelusshusbund spidergoat
    I love you man... i just cant remenber why.???
  20. spidergoat
    We haven't met but you're a great fan of mine.