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The correct title of this article is nice breasts. It appears incorrectly because of technical restrictions. WARNING: THIS ARTICLE MAY CONTAIN VARYING AMOUNTS OF VARDA.
Anyone with a sensible mind will stay here and enjoy it.
"The Bug Lady"
Gender: Female
Born: June 30th, 1982
Age: 25
Biography: Ask Me
Interests: Biomechanics, Entomology, Guitar playing
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Occupation: Engineer

Varda is the hottest member of sciforums. Nearly all the men on sciforums are secretly in love with her, but simultaneously also afraid of her because she has a huge spider in her bedroom.

Varda is good at photography and is especially keen in photographing insects in close-up, many of her pictures can be seen in The Picture Thread Mark IV.

More recently Varda posted a video on youtube showing her love for burying animals and collecting the bones. Just about all of the men that saw that video can only recall her breasts [1].


  • Varda collects venomous insects in the nude [2].
  • Varda drinks her own pee.
  • Many male members are willing to drink Varda's pee.
  • Varda has some interesting ideas about the Chinese. [3]
  • Varda has an e-dick.