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http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:NuiYyRg6vgYJHM:http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/27/Baby_ginger_monkey.jpg WARNING: This page may cause bleeding of the eye due to liberal use of colours and/or epileptic inducing images.

All swedes are gay, small, bald, and walk in a strange way, probably because their asses hurt.

Swedes also talk in a strange dialect of danish as they haven't mastered prober danish yet, but it's understandable and most Danes forgive them as Danish is a hard language

Swedish Dress

Some swedes in traditional Swedish folk costumes


Note if you will; the toupees to conceal baldness and platform shoes to conceal their small stature. Note also the rampant gayness of the men complete with puffy sleeves and neck kerchiefs. All in all a runaway freight train of unbridled gayness.

Swedes are a bit mean

Not many people know that the Swedes are also a bit mean, although they look so innocent (the abundant porn production kind of is a good indicator of this fact). The Swedes have oppressed the freedom loving people of Finland for many many years. They not only occupied Finland, they also used Fins as a labour force and as cannon fodder in wars with Russia. During the Second World War many Fins send their young children to Sweden, because the Swedes had talked their way out of having to join the war. After the war the mean Swedes kept many of these children as their own. Many scholars raise the suspicion that these children were raised to serve in their national porn industry of Sweden.

An example of Swedish porn directed by sciforums member spuriousmonkey (before he completed his PhD, of course) [1]

disclaimer; since acquiring his PhD the quality of spuriousmonkey's porn has improved greatly.


  • leopold99 wants a danish for breakfast.
  • With all the men in Sweden being gay, the females are sex-crazed monsters know to literally kidnap tourist off the boats as they come in, only to release them months later misused in every way imaginable