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Superstring01's avatar.

Superstring01 is a member and moderator of Sciforums, the LEADING source of scientific, political and entertainment information on Earth.

Superstring01 goes by several names: Superstring, Superstring01 (the original log-in identity, which was somehow locked out), String, and Dan (his mortal name).

Superstring01 (hereafter referred to as "String") is, allegedly, the offspring of a two Anglo-Saxon progenitors living in the Cleveland Metropolitan Area and was born at or around the year 1975. String grew up in suburban surroundings and attended secondary school on the island of Tenerife, Spain. After returning from Tenerife, String moved around the country; living in places like Key West, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona where he engaged in high levels of debauchery and chemical abuse which culminated in his return to his place of birth. Currently, String resides in his native city of Cleveland, Ohio where he works as an H.R./Operations Manager for a major retailer.

String's early career at Sciforums was characterized by impudence and zealotry... but in time he calmed down and found his niche. After demonstrating his patience and balance and at the recommendation of Spidergoat, String was asked by Plazma Inferno! to become a moderator of the Politics and World Events fora.