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Bored with life on Earth? Consider taking an elevator to space! A space elevator is a proposed means of achieving transportation into space, by constructing a tether to the ground leading from the surface of the Earth to a counterweight in orbit. This would negate the need for rocket propulsion.

Once the space elevator has been constructed and is operational, longtime Sciforums member tablariddim P.h.d (kebabology) has proposed a clever way of exploring the planet by simply walking around it wearing space elevator shoes. Mr. tablariddim says that it shouldn't be difficult to construct space elevator shoes with 7 mile high platform soles that one, could hire for a nominal fee once they have entered space via the space elevator. Mr. tablariddim's idea has been challenged by other kebabologists as unworkable, but he says, (quote) "Just wait and see." Of course if one were to lose balance while wearing such shoes, the results could be fatal. However life is full of risks.

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  • spuriousmonkey has to use the elevator every day at home and at work. Thats because he is too much of a fat ass to use the stairs.
  • In Soviet Russia, elevator rides YOU!!
  • China was liften into space via space elevator[1]