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The "citation needed" link you just followed was placed there because one of Science Encyclopedia's numerous editors feels like being a jackass. The preceding statement is not likely to be challenged.
This annoying little message is going to sit here for eternity as a reminder that the original author may not have known what they were talking about. If you - or anyone for that matter - can provide a source or references to back up the statement, please add it. If not, then make up something that sounds more convincing.

Acceptable references

  • The many editors of Science Encyclopedia all agree that any dispute where the factual accuracy of something is questionable can be settled using a payoff of some sort. It has been confirmed through numerous reputable sources[1] that lining the pockets of any doubter with cash will make anything empirically true. In fact, it is much more appropriate to think of these innocent payoffs as contributions towards expanding the usefulness of this encyclopedia.
  • It's also worth mentioning that the size of these donations may need to be increased in situations where the credibility is"challenging" to support. For example, Happeh theory is currently appraised at around 3 to 4 million.
Brute force
  • The editors of Science Encyclopedia are also wiling to settle disputes over un-referenced fact by way of strength or raw physical power. This includes contests like arm wrestling, caber tossing, turkish oil wrestling, thunderdome, conventional warfare, and jousting. It's also acceptable to use the studly-beefcake method of flexing one's muscles, and threatening to kick their ass. Most of the editors here are scrawny 90 pound weaklings, so anything "the fittest editor" says is automatically considered truth. As an added bonus, they also get to mate with all the females.
  • Brute force is unnecessary for editors who have a brilliant enough dewlap, or the most impressive dancing skills.
It feels good
  • Referenced citations are not needed during instances where said fact makes everyone feel good[2]. If it feels good, it must be true.